Reyn K'atsema

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Huh, I always thought Rom's brother was called Quark.

Reyn K'atsema is an Elonian, son of Shah and Benna and younger brother to Rom.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Reyn shared his elder brother's interest in geology. On what Rom what later call his and Livia's last good day, Reyn examined some rock samples with his elder brother before joking that he and Livia were married. Interlude

Not long afterwards, Reyn and his parents stood outside their house after strange meteors had landed on their homestead. Reyn in particular was enthused at the wondrous occurrence and after picking up a rock in his hand noted to his mothers that it was warm to the touch. A moment later, he was killed as the rocks exploded. Cold Fire

Fifteen to twenty years later, Cadet Stardrive accused Livia of wanting to destroy Xetaxxis and all the children on it. Livia retorted that she did not want to murder anyone but felt the need to destroy the planet lest any more children on other planet die, bringing up the example of Reyn over Rom's protest and silent rage. Shining Armor #3 TFWikiFavicon.png

Approximately 200 years later when showing Livia and Orphion around Pismo Beach, Livia's humorous side shone through, causing Rom to fondly remember the last good day before the Wraiths and his time with Reyn. Interlude