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Salty is the beloved pet crocodile of the Dreadnoks, who always make sure that he's well fed whenever they have company that's overstayed their welcome!

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Salty was the Dreadnoks' pet crocodile, who they kept locked up in his own little pen in the corner of their hideout in the Australian outback. When Digger got a little too insistent on getting paid for bringing the M.A.S.S. Device satellite to the Dreadnoks, Zartan asked that Crusher send Digger on his way, which naturally translated to throwing him into Salty's pen so that the croc could devour him. Operation: Deadfall, Part 1

With Zartan having no interest in the Joes that they'd taken prisoner, he gave his Dreadnoks permission to feed them to Salty. Since Beachhead refused to let them take Hard Drive, he was the first to be thrown in with the croc. As the Dreadnoks watched and took bets on how long Beach would last, he jumped onto Salty's back and tied his belt around his jaws. With Salty's most dangerous weapon neutralized, Beachhead tore a piece of bark off a nearby tree and stabbed Salty to death. This left the Dreadnoks feeling devastated by their beloved pet's death, particularly Crusher. Operation: Deadfall, Part 2