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A primitive planet, Saqqura is still within its stone age and unlike most worlds within Microspace has yet to achieve space flight.


Galactically, Saqqura was known as a small green planet on the fringes.

After war broke out between the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Science, the latter sent a squad of Biotrons to Saqqura to study the effects of the Entropy Cloud.

Given the primitive state of the Saqqurans, the lead scientist despaired that none of them would survive their world's demise and though he wished to save some, his Biotron convinced him such action was ultimately futile. Much to the horror of the scientist, the Entropy Cloud was not only moving closer to Saqqura but showed signs of intelligence, seemingly reaching out for the primitive planet and ultimately destroying it.

Saqqura had been among the planets in the "World-Death Pool" on Micropolis-12. One of the loaders at the spaceport lost a substantial amount of money as a result of Saqqura's demise much to the rage of Oziron Rael who was outraged that people would make light of such death and tragedy. Micronauts #1