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An eager young Space Knight cadet in service of the Solstar Order, the four armed Sata seems to be the voice of reason for Auxin. Despite this, she shares the large distaste for fellow cadet Stardrive believing the femme doesn't have what it takes to be a true Space Knight.


Out of the academy, Sata served as the pilot for a training cruise under the stewardship of Rom and Livia to a mining outpost. She worked the comms to clear landing of their ship but was ordered to stay with the ship. The group returned with Stardrive who had earned Auxin's ire by "stealing" his first kill.

Sata then flew the ship to Orchid Crossing to prepare for a meeting with the Galactic Council. En route, she and Auxin sniped about Stardrive with Sata assuring Auxin he was great. The next morning, it was revealed that the Council delegation had been slain and replaced by a Dire Wraith/Decepticon alliance. Sata watched as Auxin was killed by Astrotrain before Livia managed to rally her. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png


  • As Rom's name is derived from read only memory, Sata's name is derived from "SATA" (Serial ATA) computer interfaces.
  • Sata was never referred to by a gender pronoun in the first issue. She was confirmed as female on Twitter.

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