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The Screaming Eagles is the nickname given to a platoon of American soldiers who fought in World War II. Under the command of Master Sergeant Robert Steven Savage, the group's activities would become legendary, inspiring generations of soldiers to come.

Known members include:

Fiction[edit | edit source]


The Screaming Eagles were assembled by the United States Army as Sgt. Savage's own personal celebrity unit. However, rather than selling war bonds, Savage used his clout to get the Eagles into the most dangerous combat situations in both Europe and the Pacific. Upon the addition of Darren "Grill" Filbert, the Eagles became the first racially-integrated squad in U.S. history. Sgt. Savage profile

During a campaign against the Iron Army, the Eagles implemented a strategy called the "Notional Mole", tricking Iron leader General Blitz into believing a spy was feeding the Allies information from inside Iron. The General ended up executing many of his men looking for the non-existent spy, dwindling his forces and allowing the Eagles to take on the Iron Army head on. Threat Matrix: Part 1 of 4

By 1943, Garrison "Blitz" Kreiger had joined the squad. Sgt. Savage profile During a battle in the Axis-aligned nation Kalistan, the Screaming Eagles were engaged by a group of robotic soldiers dressed in German uniforms. The Eagles were shocked to see such strange combatants, but Savage just said it didn't matter if they were blood or metal; they were bad guys. Blitz was injured in the fight, leaving him with a scar across his face. The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb TFWikiFavicon.png The Eagles continued to track the robots (dubbed "IRON Troopers" by Blitz), Sgt. Savage profile leading them to witness a battle between Centurion and "Shockwave" in France. Savage and Blitz allied themselves with Centurion to help him find the Axalon, something which would eventually lead to Savage's disappearance. Strange Visitors TFWikiFavicon.png

The Screaming Eagles' adventures were heavily publicized, and inspired a young Joe Colton to join the military. Colton would later lead his own group inspired by the Eagles, the Adventure Team. General Joe Colton profile When Roadblock became worried about a possible mole in G.I. Joe, Colton told him of the story of the Notional Mole to dissuade his fears. Threat Matrix: Part 1 of 4

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Screaming Eagles originated in Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles, a sub-line of the G.I. Joe toyline in the early 90s. In their original incarnation, the Screaming Eagles were the team Savage put together after waking up in the present. The IDW universe reworks the Screaming Eagles into Savage's WWII unit as an homage to other WWII-era war comics like Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos.
    • Ironically, the real-life United States Army 101st Airborne Division is nicknamed the "Screaming Eagles", which, according to Stan Lee,[1] was the inspiration for the name "Howling Commandos".
  • While Savage, Grill, and Blitz are the only Eagles to be identified by name, one of the soldiers in Revolutionaries #3 can be seen with spiked black hair and a white bandana. This would indicate him to be Dynamite, another member of the original Screaming Eagles line-up.

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