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Seattle is a city in the state of Washington on the western seaboard of the United States of America. It is home of the Space Needle and DeepWave Technologies.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Caleb Awan and the Wraith masquerading as General Joe Colton oversaw the development of Axiom in the Seattle facility eventually using Ore-13 to complete the supersoldier. Field Test

Having recently arrived on Earth, Rom caught wind up of the project thanks to Camilla Byers's Wraithmark allowing her to hear the thoughts of a Wraith Soldier and the project in Seattle. After parting ways with Darby Mason, Rom and Camilla set out for the city. Earthfall: Part Four

Arriving, the two were met by the completed Axiom. Despite reading to the Analyzer as human, Camilla quickly realized that Rom had no choice but to fight Axiom. After depositing the human on the Space Needle, the Space Knight engaged but was initially hesitant to use his full power viewing Axiom as a victim allowing the hybrid supersoldier to toss the Knight around the docks. It was only when Axiom threatened to kill Camilla did Rom stop holding back and easily defeat Axiom preparing to execute the creature before it was teleported away. Camilla had heard the Wraiths communicating with Axiom however and pegged Joe Colton as its creator, prompting the two to leave Seattle so Rom could slay the General. Field Test

After Leonard Song had hit on the idea to exploit Rom's connection to the internet to assume control of his armor, Reinforcements, Part 3 Dubosky sent him to Seattle to meet with Caleb Awan and Axiom. After some "motivation", Caleb and Axiom were able to get the remote control interface working. Interlude

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