Sentient Time Chamber

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The enerchanged amalgam of a deceased Time Traveler and its vessel, this sentient Time Chamber watched Microspace die, and has since found itself on Earth. Able look beyond the bounds of linear time, this entity knows what will – and must – come to pass, and now waits for the fateful day when Oziron Rael and the Micronauts will find their way to it.


When the entropy storm reached the Udunax system, the last remnant of Microspace, one Time Traveler acted in defiance of his kin, and acted to preserve the world's Kronus inhabitants as the universe came to an end. Entering his Time Chamber, he was able to protect a small group of Kronus, and the group soon found itself floating in the desolate void that remained in the aftermath. For thousands of years, the Time Traveler guided his wards through the entropy cloud, with time flowing in reverse around them.

Eventually, the Time Traveler, now one with his Time Chamber, emerged in an Earth forest, millennia into the past. The Kronus enerchanged with native insects to better survive in this strange new world, and over the years, they built a hidden city, while the living Time Chamber was modified with robotic legs to give it mobility. The Chamber's power also extended the lifespans of the Kronus, allowing them to for eons. However, able to see the future, the Time Chamber knew that the day would come when the city and its inhabitants would fall to Earth's giant inhabitants, the same day that a band of Micronauts would arrive. Micronauts #9

When that day came, the Time Chamber introduced itself to the city's guests, Micronauts #8 and brought them to the great hall for a feast. After revealing to the Micronauts that it hailed from the future, the Chamber went on to explain how it and the Kronus came to Earth, but insisted that the band of adventurers could change the future and avert Microspace's final fate. Following the feast, it also assured the Micronauts that there existed many hidden routes from Earth back to Microspace, before casually revealing that the city was about to be destroyed.

As the Micronauts began attempts to hold off the approaching humans while evacuating the Kronus, the Time Chamber reluctantly accompanied Oziron Rael to retrieve the city's records. On the way to the great hall, however, the human commander threw a grenade at the duo, which shattered the Time Chamber. With its final words, the Chamber bid Rael to retrieve a golden mask from the corpse within, while around the city the Kronus crumbled to dust, no longer sustained by the Chamber's energies. Micronauts #9