Shah K'atsema

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Shah K'atsema was an Elonian, the wife of Benna and one of two mothers to Rom and Reyn K'atsema. When the Dire Wraiths invaded however, Shah became one of the first victims of their invasion and the resulting war as she was absorbed by a Dire Wraith.


When strange meteors crashed onto Elonia, Shah and her family examined the ones that had crashed outside their home. The largest of the rocks was too heavy too move alone and she told her wife to call Rom as they needed his muscle and his aid in understanding the rocks. Before the call could be made however, Reyn returned with a sample that promptly exploded. Though Reyn and Benna were killed by the explosion, Shah survived as she had been infected with a Dire Wraith. She was later recovered by a search and rescue team who mistook the early stages of Wraith conversion for severe burns.

Brought to a hospital, Shah was put in special care with the doctors being amazed at how her immune system was seemingly fighting off her injuries. When they entered to try and gleam more information from her, her takeover by a Dire Wraith completed and she slew both of them. The Shah Wraith's rising was the signal for all the other Wraiths to rise up in their newly-acquired bodies. She sensed Rom and tried to convert him as well only for the boy to grab a discarded Neutralizer and open fire. Despite her injuries, the Wraith managed to escape.

Later on, the Shah Wraith was part of a Wraith squad sent to collect the powerful ore beneath the surface of Elonia near her old home. There she encountered Rom, now a recently graduated cadet from the Solstar Order academy. After Rom had merged with the ore and fashioned it into a suit of armor, he used it to slay the other Wraiths until only the Shah Wraith remained. She adopted a circular form to surround and devour Rom who simply turned his Neutralizer outward slaying the Wraith. Rom later returned to their ruined homestead to mark Shah's passing once the order of Space Knights had been formed. Cold Fire