Showtime: Part Five

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Jem and the Holograms #5
"Showtime: Part Five"
First published July 29, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by John Barber

Shaken from the "accident" at their first live show, The Holograms prepare to face off against The Misfits.


Acting quickly, Aja dives to protect Jem from the falling scaffolding, but unfortunately ends up getting trapped underneath it herself. Her sisters and Rio immediately run to her and begin trying to free her. After confirming that Aja is okay, Jem runs off to find somewhere safe to change back into Jerrica, meeting the others back outside as Aja is loaded onto an ambulance. When asked by Rio what happened to Jem, Jerrica uses her earrings to project an image of her getting into a cab and driving off, though that fails to explain why Jerrica has cuts all over her legs. After having tried to stop her in the crowd, Blaze attempts to get a hold of Clash, leaving a message demanding to know if she was responsible for this.

The next day, Pizzazz is woken up by alerts about the incident and soon also learns that its made the front page of the local newspaper, horrifying her that this “accident” has only served to make The Holograms even more famous. As she vents to the rest of The Misfits, nobody seems to notice how oddly quiet Clash is being when Pizzazz curses whoever was responsible for this...

With Aja’s injuries being minor enough that she can be released from the hospital the morning after, The Holograms waste no time getting back to work practicing for Misfits VS!. When the big day finally comes around, Jerrica tries to run a tight schedule and keep everyone together, but with the runner-up bands clogging the communal makeup trailer, she gives everyone an hour to go off on their own, the starving Kimber wasting no time running off. After getting a bite to eat, she runs into Stormer and passionately kisses her, the two having secretly continued their relationship.

The other three Holograms stick together, joining Aja as she tries her hand at the shooting gallery, though Shana's nervous drumming of her hands against the booth keep distracting her. As Jerrica tries to convince her sisters to head back early and see if the trailer has cleared out, Rio suddenly appears and they run off together. Having bought themselves some more time Aja and Shana discuss the contest and Jerrica's relationship with Rio. As Aja expresses concern that he may uncover the truth about Jem sooner rather than later, she suddenly bumps into another festival-goer who she then seems to hit it off with.

Riding the Ferris wheel together, Rio expresses concern when Jerrica tells him Jem has yet to arrive, struggling to understand why Jerrica is seemingly okay with her leaving all the hard work her bandmates. It eventually leads to an argument between the two, causing Jerrica, already stressed out by the concert, to leave her boyfriend in a huff and rejoin her sisters. The four Holograms now reassembled, Shana and Aja ask if she's feeling okay before Kimber suddenly notices The Misfits walking right towards them!

Pizzazz remains silent as Jerrica tries to introduce herself, refusing her handshake and demanding to know where Jem is. The scene not awkward enough, Clash suddenly approaches with The Misfits' coffee, Kimber instantly recognizing her from (quite literally) running into her at the Starlight benefit. Assuming The Misfits must have told her to sabotage their show, Jerrica demands that Pizzazz tell her if that's true as a scandalized Kimber asks Stormer how she could have possibly been okay with this before grabbing a pie from a nearby booth and flinging it right at Pizzazz's face. It eventually escalates into a full on food fight between both bands, Clash only able to look on in shock...

Featured characters[edit]

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"I dunno. She just... It seems like she leaves all the work to you guys."
"Well, I'm the manager, it's my job to do that stuff."
"Some of it. But I mean, she's part of the band, she should be carrying her own weight.
"What are you trying to say?"
"I think I just said it. She's not a team player."
"You don't even know her!"

-Rio and Jerrica have their first fight.


Hasbro franchise references[edit]

  • The shooting gallery attendant is wearing a t-shirt branded with the logo of Cobra. However, given that this issue predates Revolution and the somewhat Schrödinger-like nature of Jem's status in the post-Revolution canon, it's probably best not to read too much into that.
  • Speaking of the shooting gallery, Aja's shooting skills earn her the prize of a giant plushie of Sunset Shimmer from Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise.

Real life references[edit]

  • Among the other prizes available at the shooting gallery is a plushie of the titular character from Sophie Campbell's creator owned series Shadoweyes.

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