Showtime: Part Four

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Jem and the Holograms #4
"Showtime: Part Four"
First published June 24, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Edits by John Barber

Jerrica starts to learn the cost of having a dual identity while The Holograms’ first live performance is put in jeopardy.


Both The Holograms and The Misfits are preparing for their own performances, The Holograms for their first ever live show at the Starlight Foundation fundraising benefit and The Misfits for a gig on Super Late with Rick Tenenbaum. However, neither band knows where their respective keytarists have run off to…

Meeting Kimber over coffee at a bookstore, Stormer sadly breaks the news that her bandmates don’t want them seeing each other anymore. Though Kimber tries to convince Stormer not to end their relationship before its even started, she simply tells her that music is everything to her, a feeling she knows Kimber shares, and that she can’t risk her career by being with her. Stormer then walks out, leaving Kimber sitting by herself, before she suddenly gives chase. The two women stare wordlessly into each others eyes and kiss before going their separate ways.

Meeting up at her catering company, Blaze instantly regrets letting Clash talk her into letting her be a waitress at the Starlight benefit when she sees she isn’t dressed for the job. Though Clash does have a more appropriate white dress shirt in her bag, Blaze then informs her that she’ll need to tie her long, two toned hair back and will need to be on her absolute best behavior. As Blaze reminds her, she’s already gotten her fired twice before and can’t afford a third time.

At the Starlight Foundation, The Holograms are getting set up and are being plagued by technical issues, Kimber’s unexplained absence, and for Jerrica in particular, the sudden appearance of Rio! Having gotten a ticket from a friend, he apologizes for showing up so early but offers to help out to make up for it. Sending him out on a latte run, Shana tells Jerrica to go find somewhere private to change for sound check and reassures her everything will be fine when she senses her sister feeling uneasy.

Trying to get to Starlight as fast as she can to meet up with the others, Kimber ends up crashing into Clash head on, sending her tray full of drinks flying and, strangely, a pair of bolt cutters and a wrench. Not recognizing her, Kimber hands the tools back to her and compliments her hair color before she runs off with them, leaving Kimber even more confused.

Shortly before Kimber finally makes it, Rio returns and hands Shana and Aja their lattes before heading off to go find Jerrica. Looking through the dressing rooms and calling out to her, he eventually gets a response, only to find Jem inside! Though she tries to play it off, Rio is still clearly confused as to why Jem would answer when he called Jerrica’s name and take a coffee that was meant for her without even thinking about and quickly leaves to continue looking for her.

Stormer also arrives in a hurry to her own show, finding her bandmates angrily staring back at her as soon as she opens the door. Demanding to know where she’s been, Pizzazz lets Stormer know that if she can’t get her act together, she’s out of the band and then angrily leaves ahead of the others. Roxy and Jetta echo Pizzazz’s sentiment, noting how reliable she’d been up until recently when suddenly a stagehand runs in and informs them it’s time for them to go on. Things go well up until the end, when the host makes small talk with Pizzazz after their performance and references The Holograms, sending her flying into another rage.

Meanwhile, as The Holograms make their live debut, Clash sneaks around above the stage, bolt cutters in hand. In the middle of a song, Jem suddenly hears something and looks up just in time to see the scaffolding plummeting right on top of her!

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