Showtime: Part Six

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Jem and the Holograms #6
"Showtime: Part Six"
First published September 2, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Edits by John Barber

The Holograms try to figure out their next move after being disqualified from Misfits VS!.


In the wake of the food fight between the two bands at the Misfits VS! festival, both The Holograms and The Misfits (and Clash) are brought before three executives from The Misfits' label Five by Five Records, eight of the nine women still a complete mess from the incident. Due to part of the contract signed by The Holograms, the executives inform them that they are hereby disqualified from competing, something that enrages both Kimber and, surprisingly, Pizzazz. Defending her starting of the fight by claiming that The Misfits tried to kill them first by sabotaging the Starlight benefit, Kimber is told that since they have no evidence of such, it's irrelevant. Jerrica and Shana come to their sister's defense, as does Pizzazz once more, stating that despite the fight, she and her band still want to be able to crush The Holograms on stage. However, her desires don't matter to the board and The Holograms are definitively disqualified and kicked out of the festival.

Back at their bus, The Misfits clean themselves up as Roxy asks Pizzazz what they're going to do. After a moment's hesitation, Pizzazz simply tells her they're going to go out there and give the people the performance they were promised like they always do. She then turns her attention to Clash, telling her that if she really was behind this, she had better make sure it never comes near the band again. Stormer then asks if she really was behind it, to which Pizzazz tells their hanger-on to not tell them for the sake of deniability and then turns her attention to Stormer, giving her one final warning to break things off with Kimber or be kicked out of the band. Wordlessly, she gets up and moves to another part of the bus away from her bandmates, grabbing her phone and calling her forbidden lover.

Sitting in their van, Kimber stares at her phone and sadly declines Stormer's call, loudly sighing and rolling around in her seat as Jerrica and Rio talk outside. Though he doesn't want to start another fight with her, he still can't help but bring up that even in all the chaos that just went down, Jem was nowhere to be found, warning her that in his experience, keeping a diva like Jem around is one of the fastest ways to tear a band apart. Frustrated, Jerrica tells him that he just doesn't understand and asks him to leave so she and her sisters can take care of each other, though she does agree to talk to him later after he's done covering the concert.

Once The Holograms are all back home and cleaned up, they sit together on the couch and Aja finally pops the question of whether or not Kimber has secretly been dating Stormer. After admitting to it, Aja asks why she didn't tell them, while Shana is more concerned with why she wouldn't tell them, having never previously been too shy about her love life. Though Aja's more aggressive line of questioning and poor phrasing start to irk Kimber, Jerrica steps in and clarifies for her sister that they're just worried about why she'd hide this from them but not any of her other relationships. Stating that she kept it secret more for Stormer than herself, since she knew there was a risk that The Misfits would kick her out, Jerrica just asks that she not keep anymore secrets from them. Agreeing, Kimber looks down at her phone to see Stormer has been calling and texting her nonstop, expressing disbelief that someone she'd been dating would try to hurt them like that, though her sisters try to reassure her that Stormer seemed pretty shocked to hear that news. After making a crack about Kimber's tumultuous love life (something that earns her a playful pillow to the head from her sister), Aja wonders what they're going to do next, to which a smiling Jerrica says she just might have a plan...

Back at Misfits Vs!, third place runners up The Limp Lizards finish up as the MC comes out to inform the crowd of Jem and The Hologram's ejection, earning boos from the crowd which then turn to cheers when he informs them that, as an apology, The Misfits will now be playing a full set after the conclusion of the Battle of the Bands. Said battle beginning with The Misfits performing their song "Crush", Rio meets Clash and Blaze backstage before suddenly getting a phone call from Jerrica, asking if he can do something for her. Saying he just needs half an hour, Jerrica turns to her back to her sisters and Synergy and expresses some last minute doubts about her plan. However, the other four quickly reassure her and, with their support, Jerrica transforms into Jem.

The Misfits having soundly crushed their competition at the Battle of the Bands, the MC introduces them one last time, the four all bursting out on stage riding guitar shaped motorcycles to the cheering crowd. As they begin playing "Attack of the Night", a much different sound starts to drift over the audience, drawing their attention away from The Misfits. As the crowd scatters and begin heading towards the source of the music, The Misfits stop playing and hop on their motorcycles to follow them. Eventually, they all reach a seemingly abandoned warehouse that has a gigantic, holographic image of the Jem and the Holograms logo, which then suddenly changes into a holographic T-Rex to snap at The Misfits as they draw closer. Inside, The Holograms are giving their all, having stolen The Misfits' audience and using Synergy to create an elaborate holographic light show that fills the building. As their first song comes to an end, an enraged Pizzazz turns to her similarly angry bandmates and definitively declares war against The Holograms!

Featured characters[edit]

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"Ahem. If it's all the same to the board, we'd just as soon The Holograms not be ejected. Despite their ridiculous behavior today, we're pumped about absolutely destroying them on stage."

— Let it never be said that Pizzazz never did anything for The Holograms!


Jem references[edit]

  • The basic idea of this issue's climax, with The Misfits competing in a Battle of the Bands with several other groups that are clearly much worse than they are (including the Limp Lizards) only for Jem and the Holograms to steal their audience by holding their own concert directly across from The Misfits', is taken almost directly from the first episode of the Jem animated series.
  • The Misfits also take the stage riding guitar shaped motorcycles, much like they were riding when they were originally introduced in the cartoon.

Hasbro franchise references[edit]

  • The MC for the Misfits VS! concert has the Autobot symbol on his T-shirt. However, given that this issue predates Revolution and the somewhat Schrödinger-like nature of Jem's status in the post-Revolution canon, it's probably best not to read too much into this. Though maybe he should still go talk to the shooting gallery attendant from last issue.

Real-life references[edit]

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