Showtime: Part Three

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Jem and the Holograms #3
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"Showtime: Part Three"
First published May 20, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by John Barber

As Jerrica and Rio have their first date, Kimber and Stormer deal with the fallout from theirs.


Leading the charge into the coffee shop to break up Stormer's date with Kimber, Pizzazz ends up causing a scene when she attacks a fan asking for her autograph. As The Misfits watch the media coverage of the incident back at home, Pizzazz tells Stormer that she's lucky that that's the story and not her going on a date with someone from a competing band. Though she tries to defend herself, her bandmates are relentless, making it clear that she's not to associate with Kimber ever again.

Arriving back at the Starlight Foundation to meet Rio for their date, Jerrica finds him letting one of the Foundation's foster girls pretend to ride his motorcycle. As she's called back in, Rio and Jerrica walk to the location of their first date—a boardwalk amusement park.

Back at the Benton home, Kimber and Aja are alone. When asked about where she ran off to the day before, Kimber talks dreamily about Stormer (though without giving anything about her identity away) but worries that she may be out of her league. After some urging, Aja agrees to help Kimber out, as does Shana after she returns home.

Meanwhile, Jerrica and Rio enjoy the view from the park's Ferris wheel, where he once again asks why Jem is fronting the band and not her. Being told that she's not one for the spotlight, Rio admits he isn't either, making Jerrica wonder why someone so confident would stick to the sidelines. He tells her that in his opinion, it's what happens behind the scenes that really matters, causing her some concern when he also mentions that he likes to get to the bottom of things.

At a music video shoot, Pizzazz suddenly orders the camera crew to stop recording and leave her and the rest of the band alone. Telling the others that they all sound weak, Roxy turns against Stormer when she claims they sounded fine, in turn causing Jetta to turn against Roxy. While they all argue, Pizzazz joins Misfits groupie Clash on the couch, noticing an article she has pulled up about Jem and the Holograms performing at the Starlight benefit. Flying into such a rage that she can't even speak at what she sees as them using the Misfits VS! competition to get a gig at some fancy gala, Pizzazz goes on a rampage, smashing her guitar and flipping the craft services table as the rest of the band and crew nervously look on. She turns back to them and delivers a declaration—Jem and the Holograms must be stopped!

As Kimber finishes telling her sisters about how she slipped out of the coffee shop after Pizzazz started making a scene, again without any of the incriminating details, Shana cries out in frustration when Kimber reveals she hasn't even called her date after the incident to explain what happened. Cutting in, Aja says Kimber would be better off sending her a text than leaving a rambling voicemail and even offers to look it over for her before she sends it. After much deliberation, she eventually manages to write something up and joins her supporting sisters on the couch after sending it to Stormer.

As their date winds down, Rio asks Jerrica if he's met all her first date needs, to which she replies that he's yet to win her any giant stuffed animals, prompting him to take her by the hand, running towards the carnival games. Later, giant stuffed animal in tow, Rio races her home on his motorcycle and once they've arrived, they both kiss each other on Jerrica's doorstep.

The Misfits having resumed their shoot despite Pizzazz's earlier outburst, Clash sneaks off and calls Blaze, an old flame of hers who happens to be an employee of the catering company that's been hired for the Starlight Foundation benefit. After having to do some convincing, Clash asks to be part of the wait staff for the benefit so that she can ensure that Jem and the Holograms' first show… is their last!

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Hasbro franchise references[edit]

  • Though the series falls out of this wiki's jurisdiction, it bears mentioning that the giant stuffed animal Rio wins Jerrica is of Rainbow Dash from Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise.

Real world references[edit]

  • On the news report about the scene Pizzazz caused at the coffee shop, a tweet voicing support for Pizzazz from "@mooncalfe01" can be seen at the bottom of the screen, referencing Jem artist Sophie Campbell's real Twitter handle.
  • The park Rio and Jerrica visit on their date is based on the real world Pacific Park in Santa Monica, CA.

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