Showtime: Part Two

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Jem and the Holograms #2
Jem cover 2.jpg
"Showtime: Part Two"
First published April 29, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Campbell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by John Barber

The Misfits get more competition than they bargained for while The Holograms deal with their success.


After a live TV performance of their newest song, "Attack of the Night", The Misfits' frontwoman Pizzazz is interviewed by host Lin-Z about the upcoming Misfits VS! music video competition. Out of the thousands of entrants, only one band will be able to win the fan voted poll and get a chance to compete against The Misfits themselves in a band battle. Though Pizzazz scoffs at the idea that anyone could potentially beat them, should the other band be successful, they’ll be rewarded with a lucrative record deal.

Backstage, Pizzazz skims through the videos that were submitted for the contest, lamenting their lack of quality. Though Roxy reminds her that The Misfits losing their own sponsored competition wouldn’t exactly be a good look, Pizzazz claims that just because she wants to dominate doesn’t mean she’s okay playing against bands that aren’t any good to begin with. After Rio, a reporter who's covering the band for the duration of the Misfits VS! competition, calls Pizzazz out for wanting things both ways, Stormer struggles to turn her bandmates' attention towards a submission from Jem and the Holograms, whose video seems to be dominating the polls!

After watching it, Rio can't help but burst into laughter at how much better The Holograms are, causing Pizzazz to throw him out of the room. While Pizzazz furiously asserts that they have nothing to worry about, the other Misfits grudgingly acknowledge that they’re pretty good, especially Stormer, who recognizes The Holograms' keytarist from her blog. Out in the hall, Rio researches The Holograms from his phone, eventually finding info on the band’s manager, Jerrica Benton!

At the Benton mansion, Kimber and Shana sit in the kitchen drinking in all the positive feedback they're getting from the video, Kimber's phone in particular constantly going off with new Twitter notifications. Running off to go tell the others the good news, Kimber only gets a shoe thrown at her by Aja for trying to wake her up before she finds Jerrica in the hall and pulls her into the kitchen. Though she’s shocked by the number of views it's gotten and entertained by Kimber's celebratory dancing, Jerrica still reminds them that the four of them are due at the Starlight Community Center in an hour, causing Kimber to run off so she can get ready.

Now that it's just the two of them, Shana asks Jerrica how she's feeling. While she’s glad the video is popular, all the attention its getting still feels overwhelming and, if this really is their first step towards stardom, she knows that life for the four of them is about to get way more complicated. She also confides in Shana that she’s unsure if creating Jem was the right thing to do, acknowledging that while it was fun to finally be able to cut loose and perform, she doesn’t know if she ever thought about what creating a whole new persona like that really meant. Shana remains supportive, wrapping an arm around her sister’s back and promising that no matter what, they’re going to stick together and overcome anything life throws their way, no matter how complicated life gets.

As The Holograms arrive at the community center, the manager Ms. Bailey greets and congratulates them on their video, saying that the girls are more inspired by them than ever. One of them, Ba Nee, meets with Kimber and Aja and enthusiastically tells them how much she’s been practicing and looks forward to watching The Starlights practice, while Ms. Bailey pulls Jerrica aside. Opening by telling her how surprised they all were that this mysterious "Jem" character was doing the singing and not her, Ms. Bailey then informs Jerrica that annual fundraiser that Starlight derives most of its income from is coming up on Saturday and the celebrity MC they’d hired has had to cancel. As Ms. Bailey dances around the question, Jerrica immediately says that Jem and the Holograms would love to help, telling her how much the community center means to them and how they’d do anything for them. Just then, Ashley appears and begs Jerrica to hurry up and come join them.

Leaving early, Kimber notices Rio enter the community center and make his way towards where Jerrica is tutoring Ashley in guitar. Introducing himself, he comments that he was surprised to find that it was her singing and not Jem and correctly guessing that she wrote the song they were playing. Asking Ashley to leave them alone, Jerrica then inquires what Rio is doing here. Having found her through Kimber's Twitter feed, he tells her about his coverage of The Misfits, and inquires about why Jem is fronting the band and not her, which Jerrica says is for private reasons. Undeterred by her cagey response, Rio then asks if she’ll go out to dinner with him, assuring her that it has nothing to do with his story and is purely out of personal interest in The Holograms and Jerrica herself. She agrees and they make plans to meet back up at the community center later that night.

Jerrica then texts Kimber, who’s at a record store where The Misfits are doing a signing. Handing a copy of Attack of the Night to Stormer, the only member who hasn’t left, who recognizes Kimber after she gives her name. She compliments Kimber on her band’s submission, which completely flatters her and leads to her inviting Stormer out to coffee after she’s done signing! She accepts and the two enjoy themselves on their date, but unfortunately for Stormer, Pizzazz and the other Misfits catch her with the enemy!

Featured characters[edit]

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Real World References[edit]

  • Cleo Lovedrop, a character from artist Sophie Campbell's creator owned series Wet Moon, can be seen waiting in line for Stormer's autograph.

Covers (9)[edit]

The first eight comics in this list feature holographic or metallic logos.
  • Subscription cover: Jem and Pizzazz, by Sara Richard.
  • Plugged In Edition cover: Sophie Campbell's cover A with an alternate metallic green logo.
  • Plugged In Edition cover, 2nd printing: Sophie Campbell's cover A with an alternate holographic purple logo.
  • Comics and Ponies exclusive cover: The Misfits, by Sophie Campbell.