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Sigma 6 is a video game developed at least in part by the U.S. Army to help with team building among soldiers. It seems to involve shooting lots and lots of robots. It may have something to do with the film Sigma 6 2: Retribution

Fiction[edit | edit source]

While Sigma 6 was under development at Fort Aberdeen, Marvin Hinton (who was stationed there) provided his cousin Lamont Morris with a copy of the game. Though Marvin was frustrated by Lamont focusing more on racking up kills than working together, the two cousins still greatly enjoyed playing the game one another, both of them finding it a welcome respite from their tedious postings. Though it wasn't quite the same, Marvin continued playing the game even after he'd received word that Lamont had been killed in the line of duty. Lamont, however, was alive and well, having been recruited into the top secret G.I. Joe team, which meant having to fake his death. Though Hawk warned him against playing the game on an open internet connection, Lamont was unable to give up working on his high score for head shots and continued playing, which lead to Marvin coming across his avatar out in the world. After bribing the base's I.T. specialist, Marvin traced Lamont's I.P. address back to The Pit, which led to him discovering the top-secret G.I. Joe team. The Origin of Roadblock

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sigma 6 was the subtitle of Hasbro's anime influenced attempt of rebooting G.I. Joe franchise in the mid-2000s. Naturally, the Sigma 6 video game takes several aesthetic cues from the series! The game's robotic enemies are based upon the various types of B.A.T.s from the series while Heavy Duty's avatar is based on the character's appearance in the series. The Sigma 6 version of Cobra Commander also appears on the game's title screen.