Solstar Academy Medical Center

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Located on Elonia, the Solstar Academy Medical Center is a hospital with a fancy name.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

After several strange meteors landed on several homesteads on Elonia and exploded, the survivors were brought to the hospital under the impression they'd been victims of severe burning. When Shah K'atsema was placed in emergency care, she was visited by her son Rom along with his friends Livia and Fy-Laa though Diavod refused to allow them near her owing to her injuries.

When Shah had been fully taken over by a Dire Wraith however, all the new Wraiths rose and attacked the Medical Center to try and convert everyone only to be forced back by the officers of the Solstar Order and escaping through the windows. Cold Fire

In 2018, when explaining the Dire Wraiths to the Micronauts, Rom remembered the damage the invaders had done to the Medical Center. Microspace Knight