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One of the most unique and unusual substances in the universe, Space Knight armor is a crystalline armor worn by the order of Space Knights of the Solstar Order. Formed from a mysterious ore found in the lowest depths of Elonia, the armor offers complete life support and the ability to traverse interstellar without the need for spaceships (though a spaceship is much faster).

Given its near invincibility, some view it as blessing. But since it seems impossible to be removed, others are inclined to disagree thinking it a prison.


The ore that would one day form the armor crashed on Elonia in the distant past where it was buried by centuries of continental shifts.

The Dire Wraiths learned of the ore and sought to possess its power despite it being fatal to them. A recently graduated Rom was all that stood between the Wraiths and the ore and grabbed handful. To everyone's shock, the ore activated around Rom forming a symbiotic suit of armor that absorbed his Neutralizer and increased its power. Rom then instructed Livia and Fy-Laa to merge with the ore as well. The armor was adaptive and could change appearance based on the wearer's desires.

Once the threat had passed, the armor was studied by the Solstar Order who determined it made its wearers functionally immortal by drawing power, nutrients and life support from the ambient energy around them. While Orphion was eager to get his own suit, Rom and Fy-Laa reminded the Order that they did not truly know what the ore was or all the risks it entailed. Cold Fire The armor proved capable of bonding to a variety of species in a myriad of forms. The armor was able to adapt to and around any innate powers the species had. Cold Fire Knights of the Solstar Order profile Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

Further studies of the armor eventually revealed a cloaking mechanism, though it proved a massive drain on power reserves and was thus rarely used. Reinforcements, Part 3 It was also capable of rapid healing and absorbing weapons that were already part of another's armor. Reinforcements, Part 4 It could also generate shields. Shining Armor #2 TFWikiFavicon.png Physical damage to the armor (such as a weapon being destroyed) translated as pain to the wearer. ROM: First Strike

The armor prevented its pilot from feeling anything such as heat or cold on their skin. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 3 Shining Armor #3 TFWikiFavicon.png Atypically, Stardrive was able to feel the freezing temperatures of Xetaxxis. Shining Armor #3 TFWikiFavicon.png Once the crisis on Xetaxxis had passed, Stardrive again displayed her unusual proficiency with the armor by removing hers, collapsing it back into a crystal which she gave to Rom. Later on, at a Solstar space station, Livia and Sata briefed new cadets on the armor's properties stating that the person died upon donning the armor with only the Knight remaining which served as a tragic reminder to Rom of his inability to replicate Stardrive's feat. Shining Armor #5 TFWikiFavicon.png

The Dire Wraiths continued in their attempts to acquire the armor only for to learn that when a Space Knight died, the armor died with them. Earthfall: Part Three They eventually acquired the intact remnants of Fy-Laa's armor. Battle Scars, Part 4

The armor was not invincible as when super charged by Ore-13, the Dire Wraiths proved able to breach Rom's. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png

On Earth, Rom discovered that the armor resonated with the Ore-13 and a Space Bridge hinting at a possible Cybertronian origin to the armor. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png He later found it also resonated with the Micronauts' spaceship. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png


  • The 2017 ROM Annual heavily implies that the armor is formed from one of the Regenesis ores created by Shockwave.
  • In the original Marvel comics, the armor was composed of a metal known as "Plandanium". If the substance the armor is made from has a name in the IDW continuity, it has yet to be revealed.
  • While some knights such as Nikomi and Q'b do not visibly have any armor on their bodies, Christos Gage suggested via Twitter that it would be present in some form (such as being reduced to energy), adapting to the organism in question.