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The Spectral Knights are the heroic faction of the Visionaries. For three centuries, they have carried a legacy of honor and justice beneath their belts and are instantly recognizable by their blue armor. They are led by Leoric.

Known Spectral Knights:

Fiction[edit | edit source]

After the ambition of Darkstorm resulted in the creation of the Darkling Lords and the splintering of the Visionaries, the remainder rallied under Leoric to become the Spectral Knights. When the Trinary De-Alignment tore Prysmos to shreds, all the known Spectral Knights managed to escape their planet. They all came to inhabit New Prysmos in 2018 with them pushing for a peaceful co-habitation with the Cybertronians. As leader of the Knights, Leoric was selected as one of New Prysmos' representatives. Schismatic TFWikiFavicon.png

After Virulina had murdered Kup and the Darkling Lords declared war on Cybertron. The Spectral Knights had a meeting at the Redoubt where it was unanimously agreed that taking a world would make them unworthy of one. Knowing the Darkling Lords would target the pylons keeping up the forcefield, the Knights split up to combat their foes. Though Witterquick, Ectar and Galadria were easily able to overpower the Lords they had been sent to stop, they were chased away by the citizens of New Prysmos. Leoric fared even worse, being easily trounced by Merklynn. Chased out of the city, the Spectral Knights sought out the Cybertronians who agreed to a reluctant alliance. Cybertron No More TFWikiFavicon.png

Following Leoric's exile, Virulina convinced the remainder of the Spectral Knights to join forces with her. Mortdred felt this act had numbered his days and sought out Leoric's party to ally with them. When Arzon, Witterquick and Mortdred infiltrated New Prysmos to assassinate Virulian on Leoric and Ironhide's orders, they found Feryl and Cryotek had now donned Darkling armor. Desperate Measures TFWikiFavicon.png

Open torture of the prisoners however reawakened Cryotek's principles and he contacted Leoric, Good Men TFWikiFavicon.png allowing his leader back into the city, an attitude Leoric rewarded by rebranding Cryotek as a Spectral Knight. Cryotek's return to the Knights soon convinced others to turn back and allowed them to retake New Prysmos. After New Prysmos was elevated to Cybertron's surface, the Spectral Knights acted as the city's guards, more than content with their small patch of land. The Curtain TFWikiFavicon.png

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