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Lonzo Wilkinson, designation Stalker, is veteran combatant, having fought in the Adventure Team as a lad before being transferred into its successor G.I. Joe.


Wilkinson joined the Army after both of his brothers died in gang-related incidents, hoping it would provide him a better life, eventually leading him to becoming the youngest Army Ranger in history. His proficiency in combat and mastery of several languages soon attracted the attention of Joe Colton, who was looking to rebuild his Adventure Team. Given the codename "Stalker" for his tracking abilities, Wilkinson joined the team alongside G.I. Joe, Miles Mayhem, Atomic Man, and Bulletman.

One of his Adventure Team missions brought Stalker to the Tomb of Amtoltec. While Joe investigated inside the pyramid, Stalker and Mayhem battled an army robotic mummies. Unable to contact Joe, the two found themselves outmatched and Stalker radioed Atomic Man and Bulletman in for reinforcements. Stalker lamented the fact that having costumed heroes around was "madness" before receiving an emergency beacon from Joe, who was dealing with a group of robot mummies of his own. Joe noted that the mummies looked familiar, leading Stalker to connect them to the Iron Troopers from World War II.

As the rest of the Adventure arrived to help Joe fight against Soundwave, Stalker tried to destroy the Decepticon by crashing the Adventure Team's vehicle into the robot, with little success. Joe assured Stalker that he would go places. Soundwave soon retreated, leaving Joe and Stalker to be crushed by a falling boulder. Fortunately, the pair were saved by the newly-Talisman-enhanced Atomic Man. The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb TFWikiFavicon.png

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