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Commander Stamm was the commanding officer of Darby Mason during her time in the military.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Stamm was with Darby, Dr. Shen, and Dave Dubosky at Vandenberg Air Force Base after the Earth Defense Command recovered her from Blind-Eye Cave. As Darby prepared to leave the base, Stamm promised her that they would hunt down the "killer robot" and avenge her family. Earthfall: Part Three

After the "capture" of Rom by the EDC, Stamm comforted Darby, thinking seeing the alien would trigger her PTSD. When Darby fired at Rom's containment, Stamm restrained her. However, the Dire Wraiths then revealed themselves. Stamm told Darby, Shen, and Leonard Song to evacuate, but Darby went back to help Camilla Byers, much to her ex-C.O.'s irritation. Earthfall: Part Four

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • What branch of the United States Armed Forces Stamm serves under is a little confusing. His role as C.O. to Darby Mason and presence at Vandenburg suggests he is a member of the Air Force. However, the rank "Commander" only exists in the Navy and Coast Guard.