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We're all hearing Cruz Ramirez right?

Quite literally a child of two worlds (Caminus and Elonia if you're curious), Stardrive is the galaxy's first Cybertronian Space Knight. Already having biological immortality, transformation, and adaptability along with amazing strength and durability from her Cybertronian heritage, she's been given her own Space Knight armor and Neutralizers (and really honking big ones at that). The result should be one of the most powerful warriors the galaxy has ever seen except for one tiny detail.

Though she doesn't look it, Stardrive is a newborn. Rescued by Rom while still a protoform, she's been raised by the Solstar Order and ostracized by her fellows due to the reputation of the Cybertronians throughout the galaxy creating a lonely girl who'd just like someone to genuinely be her friend. A fish out of water, if the chaos of the Autobot/Decepticon war ever intrudes into the territory of the Solstar Order, Stardrive would have to choose which side to stand with.


Stardrive was forged on Caminus in the mid-19th century with her protoform being loaded onto a ship. The planet (heavily deprived of Energon) had been isolated from the galaxy for millions of years and was ignorant of the hatred their Cybertronian ancestors had incurred or other interstellar powers. As such, the ship unwittingly entered the Gray Area where it was shot down by a Galactic Council warship. The act was witnessed by Rom who placed himself in front of the wreckage and demanded the Council explain themselves lest he board their ship and force answers out. When the Council saw fit to flee, Rom went to investigate the wreckage where he discovered one protoform still lived and brought it back to Elonia.

Dubbed "Gray Area Anomaly", the protoform grew into a female Cybertronian who was named "Stardrive" by her classmates due to her car and spaceship alternate modes. As she grew up, Stardrive faced difficulties due to everyone fearing her as a result of her race and her massive size. Stardrive went on a field trip to Mato Grosso with her class where she was attacked by the Dire Wraith Vekktral who tried to possess her, only for Rom to save her. As a result, Stardrive came to see Rom as her hero and joined the order of Space Knights to emulate him.

Graduating with flying colours, Stardrive was bonded to an armor and was sent to a mining colony full of Wraiths where she lied in wait for a week in car mode. Fellow cadet Auxin then showed up chasing a Wraith and Stardrive managed to save him from the resulting ambush with her massive Neutralizers. Auxin wasn't grateful in the slightest much to her frustration. She later protested Livia's decision to blow up the mining colony which Rom agreed to as there was an insufficient Wraith presence. When the group of Space Knights arrived at a Solstar space station, Rom and Livia explained to Stardrive that she was present for a meeting between the Galactic Council and the Solstar Order to prove that the Solstar Order could control the Cybertronians.

When the Council delegation arrived, they exchanged in some passive aggressive comments with the Solstar ambassador before revealing themselves to be Dire Wraiths allied with Decepticons. To Stardrive's horror, Auxin was quickly bisected by Astrotrain and she recognized Vekktral as the Wraith who'd nearly killed her all those years ago. Just as she got her wits about her, she was cornered by Starscream who tried to recruit her into the Decepticons. Unable to convince her, Starscream instead used Stardrive to break down a wall and discovered her Energon synthesizer. At this point, Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus arrived to stop Starscream. On the floor, Stardrive watched her kind tear themselves apart and commented that Rom's attempts at peace were useless.

After Rom shot Magnus in the arm, the Autobot launched a retaliatory strike that sent the Knight, Stardrive and Starscream through a wall. Bumblebee tried to talk to Stardrive only to be attacked, not helped when Sky Blast shot her in the arm. As Ultra Magnus sent the space station tumbling, he split up Stadrive and Bumblebee before the Autobot ship was destroyed by Starscream. Despite Rom calling to her, Stardrive helped her fellow Cybertronians off the station only to crash on Xetaxxis. Recovering, Ultra Magnus placed Stardrive under arrest for violating the Tyrest Accord. Stardrive agreed but on the condition that the Autobots help her find her allies. Ultra Magnus was less than sympathetic only to be shot by Rom into stasis while Stardrive watched Bumblebee's panic from the sides.

Magnus recovered near instantly from what Rom intended to be a killing blow bringing Autobots and Space Knights to blows. In the following battle, Magnus shielded Stardrive from a massive Neutralizer blast before the cadet stopped the fighting and accused Livia and Rom of lying to her about her species and being used as a "parade animal" in front of the Galactic Council. Magnus then cleared up the issue, explaining that unlike the worlds of the Solstar Order, Cybertron had not properly unified with different factions of Cybertronians standing for different principles. After introducing herself to the Autobots, Stardrive revealed the existence of her energon synthesizer which forced Autobots and Space Knights into an awkward alliance to stop the Decepticons from getting the device. Flying with Rom and Livia to the wreckage of Orchid Crossing, Stardrive attempted to deter the latter from destroying Xetaxxis to no avail. Upon their arrival at the crash site, the Decepticon Seekers attacked. Stardrive attempted to evacuate some of the natives only for Starscream to expertly outmaneuver around her and kill her passengers. Despondent, she retreated to the wreckage of her quarters where she eventually struck a deal with Starscream: Her synthesizer for him and his forces leaving Xeatxxis forever.

Starscream tried to sweeten the deal by inviting Stardrive into the Decepticons, under the pretence of needing her knowledge of the Dire Wraiths to fight them off. Stardrive might have agreed...before Livia and Rom sent Dirge falling into Starscream and both Seekers fleeing. Inspired by the destructive ability of the Cybertronians however, Livia put forth the idea of detonating the energon synthesizer, which would create an explosion powerful enough to sterilize half of Xetaxxis and eliminate the Wraith infection. The sheer hypocrisy of the act, combined with Rom's poor choice of words, was the final straw for Stardrive who snapped, grabbed her synthesizer and declared she was no longer a Space Knight before flying off...before Livia shot out her engine. Ignoring Rom, Stardrive turned to car mode and rammed Livia intending to kill her former commander before Bumblebee and Sata arrived.

Bumblebee revealing that Ultra Magnus had likely given his life to stop the Wraiths was enough to get Stardrive to stand down. No sooner had this been accomplished however did Ultra Magnus return but possessed by Vekktral. The Decepticons then touched down where Stardrive watched in confusion as Vekktral turned on Starscream.

"With my DeviantArt OC powers, I shall do in seconds what you have failed to do in centuries!"

At wit's end, Stardrive grabbed Sata and used her as an impromptu sword to free Starscream. After the Decepticons briefly allied with the Autobots and Knights to kill all the Wraiths, they made another run for the synthesizer. Enraged, Stardrive pursued Starscream and engaged him in combat, managing to rip off his wings, before the Seeker detonated the synthesizer to cover his escape. After throwing Vekktral into the energon explosion, the group retreated into orbit. There, Stardrive declared she could no longer tolerate the Space Knight attitude towards "the greater good" and shed her armor, handing it to Rom before she warped off.

She later touched down on a utopian planet, ready to start anew, unaware of a trace of Vekktral still lingering in her systems. Shining Armor Over the next two centuries, the Dire Wraith biomatter infected Stardrive's systems but there was an insufficient amount to fully turn her into a Wraith. Overtime, Stardrive learnt to channel her Wraith powers, able to voluntarily turn herself into a monstrous Wraith/Cybertronian form for brief moments. The Dead Come Home, Part 2 TFWikiFavicon.png

By 2017, Stardrive had come into contact with the Autobot Prowl and, along with Wheelie and Garnak, went with him to rescue the Throttlebots on the planet Regalis V. When Elonia came under attack by Unicron, Stardrive felt the planet's danger but had no particular rush to go help, merely passing the information along to Prowl. As they continued to track the Nemesis, the group made their way to Devisiun as Unicron began consuming it. Though the group attempted to defend the colony, the Maximals proved too much for them, forcing them to retreat, much to Stardrive's anger. Optimus Prime TFWikiFavicon.png


  • Stardrive was originally conceived as being the IDW incarnation of a pre-existing Cybertronian femme (though which one was never specified) before her personality was crafted and she became a new character altogether.
  • Atypically, Stardrive never displays the ability to fly in her robot mode when wearing her Space Knight armor, always using her jet mode.

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