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Sometimes I feel so alone and resent
Sometimes I don't know where to turn
Or who to call my friend...
But I'm okay! (I'm okay!)
I've got faith in myself!

Stormer is the stage name of Mary Phillips, the keytarist and songwriter for The Misfits. While her caring and compassionate nature stands in sharp contrast to her bandmates, Stormer has nevertheless come to serve as the heart and soul of The Misfits and her songwriting skills have defined their sound. Though she often disagrees with their cutthroat approach to gaining success, Stormer still cares very deeply for her fellow Misfits and has a somewhat love-hate relationship with the band's frontwoman Pizzazz.

Recently, Stormer has become romantically involved with Kimber Benton, keytarist for The Misfits' chief rival Jem and the Holograms. She is also the sister of Craig Phillips.


Hasbro Universe[edit]



Mary Phillips had a passion for music from a young age, writing and singing her own songs from while she was as young as 8. However, the fact that she was overweight led to her often being teased by her classmates for her musical ambitions. Our Songs Are Better: Part 2

Undeterred, Mary continued chasing her dreams as she grew into adulthood and became lead singer of the band Glow Slap, channeling her frustrations over being bullied as a child into her music. After a show that ended with her two bandmates arguing over whether or not her music was any good, completely leaving her out of the conversation, Mary was approached by a green haired woman who had been in the audience. Introducing herself as Pizzazz, this woman told Mary that her music had caught her interest and invited her to join the band she was putting together. After Pizzazz noted that she seemed to have a storm inside her, Mary took on the stage name Stormer and became the second member of The Misfits. Our Songs Are Better: Part 1 Our Songs Are Better: Part 2 Stormer accompanied Pizzazz as they scouted Roxy Pelligrini and Jetta, thus fully assembling The Misfits. Our Songs Are Better: Part 1

At an early Misfits show, a heckler insulted Stormer's weight, leading to Pizzazz diving into the audience and begin beating him up. After she was arrested, Stormer posted Pizzazz's bail and thanked her for defending her like that but also told her she can't just go around beating up everyone who's mean to her. Pizzazz disagreed with that, leaving Stormer somewhat in shock. Our Songs Are Better: Part 2

Misfits VS! & Meeting Kimber[edit]

Within a few years, The Misfits had established themselves as one of the biggest bands in the world. After playing their newest song Attack of the Night on Lin-Z Pierce's show, Stormer told Pizzazz to shush when she began to badmouth Lin-Z after an awkward interview between the two of them regarding the upcoming Mistfits VS! battle of the bands competition. In the green room, while the rest of her bandmates were complaining about the lack of competition from the other bands in the contest, Stormer brought their attention to a rather impressive submission from Jem and the Holograms. While Pizzazz flew into a rage, Stormer complimented The Holograms' musical talents and also recognized their keytarist Kimber from her blog. Showtime: Part Two Pizzazz eventually got angry enough that she threw her bandmates into the hall outside the green room. While Jetta and Roxy tried to pin the blame on each other, Stormer told both of them to shut up. Rio Pacheco: Boy Reporter


Stormer soon got to meet Kimber at a signing for The Misfits' new single and complimented her on her band's submission. While they talked, Stormer accepted Kimber's invitation to a coffee date once she got done with the signing. Showtime: Part Two Pizzazz and the other Misfits spotted the two of them together and ran in to break up the date. Reconvening at Pizzazz's home, Stormer was chewed out by her bandmates for going on a date with "the enemy". Later, as The Misfits practiced, Stormer defended herself and bandmates when Pizzazz told them they sounded weak. Showtime: Part Three

After receiving a text from her, Stormer met back up with Kimber. Letting Kimber know about how her bandmates think that she betrayed them by going on that first date, Stormer sadly tells Kimber she needs to end their relationship. Though Kimber begs her not to, Stormer insists and leaves, but when Kimber chases after her and looks deep into her eyes, Stormer can't resist but pull her in for a kiss. This rendezvous with Kimber made her late meeting the rest of The Misfits as they got ready to give a performance on Super Late with Rick Tenenbaum, her uncharacteristic lateness earning her another chewing out from the three of them. Showtime: Part Four

When Pizzazz learned of the "accident" (which was actually caused by Misfits groupie Clash) that had occurred at The Holograms' performance at the charity benefit for the Starlight Foundation, Stormer read the newspaper article about the incident to her bandmates after said paper was thrown at her by Pizzazz. Having continued their relationship in secret, Stormer and Kimber met up and briefly spent time together at the carnival that had been built as part of the Misfits VS! competition. They later ran into each other again, this time accompanied by their respective bands. Recognizing Clash from having run into her at the Starlight benefit, Kimber demanded to know how Stormer could try to hurt her and her sisters like that, though Stormer had no idea what Kimber was talking about. The situation eventually escalated into a full on food fight between the two bands, Stormer taking a piece of cake thrown by Aja to the face. Showtime: Part Five After a meeting with executives from Misfits label 5x5 Records where The Holograms were disqualified from the competition, Stormer demanded to know if Clash really did sabotage The Holograms' show. Wanting to keep some measure of plausible deniability, Pizzazz told Clash not to answer that before threatening to kick Stormer out of the band if she continued her relationship with Kimber. Not replying to the threat, Stormer merely got up and walked to the back of the bus and began frantically calling and texting Kimber, the Hologram feeling far too heartbroken to respond. To make up for The Holograms no longer being part of the show, Stormer and the rest of The Misfits played a full set after the battle of the bands. However, as they took the stage, The Holograms began playing a show of their own in an abandoned warehouse directly across from where The Misfits were, stealing the audience away from them. Showtime: Part Six

After this incident, Stormer and the rest of The Misfits met with Elise Harcourt, the head of 5x5 Records, who was extremely unhappy with how the Misfits VS! competition had played out. Throughout the meeting, Stormer did her best to keep Pizzazz from flying off the handle. Later, Stormer went to the bookstore and invited Kimber there to join her. When Kimber never showed up, she began working on writing a new song, Shades of Blue expressing her feelings about their relationship. Viral: Part One When The Misfits next met and tried playing the song, Pizzazz felt that they needed to speed it up, as a ballad like that would be out of place on the album they were working on. Stormer defended the song as is but Pizzazz insisted that they either had to change it our drop it from the album, leading to Stormer telling Pizzazz to stop acting like she was the boss. Though things briefly got tense, Pizzazz calmly admitted that it was a good song but again repeated that it would be too out of place on the album and that Stormer was attached to it because she wrote it about Kimber. Eventually the two came to an agreement that they'll find a place for it as is on their next album. Soon after this, Stormer was excited to learn that she and her bandmates would be going on a brief west coast tour. Viral: Part Two


When The Misfits sneaked into The Holograms' Halloween and music video premier party with the intention to crash it as revenge for stealing their audience, Stormer was the only one among her bandmates to ask if what they were doing was right. Being told to hush by Jetta and Roxy, Stormer then spotted Kimber from across the room and ran off to another part of the party, feeling unable to deal with that. However, Kimber soon found her and ran after her. Tearing up, Stormer again told Kimber that she had nothing to do with the sabotaging of the Starlight benefit and was surprised to hear that Kimber believed her. Having made up, Stormer and Kimber decided to continue their relationship and agreed that they would stop keeping it a secret. After the party, Stormer called a cab for herself, Roxy, and Jetta as Pizzazz had taken off early without even telling her bandmates after receiving the news that The Holograms would be opening for The Misfits on their tour. Viral: Part Three As Pizzazz's emergency contact, Stormer was the first to know that Pizzazz was hospitalized after a car accident that same night. Rushing to the hospital, Stormer was met there by Rio, who'd been the one to find Pizzazz in the first place. The two of them sat together as they discussed Pizzazz, Stormer beating herself up for being mean to Pizzazz earlier in the night after she left her bandmates behind when she evidently trusts her enough to list her as an emergency contact. They continued talking for a while longer, Rio letting it slip that he knew about Stormer and Kimber's relationship, before he eventually went to go tell Roxy and Jetta the news about Pizzazz as Stormer couldn't get a hold of them. Before he left, Stormer assured Rio she'd be okay sitting in the hospital alone as she'd called her brother. Rio Pacheco: Boy Reporter

A few months later, Stormer and the rest of The Misfits attended a holiday party being thrown by 5x5 Records. As part of a plan put together by Harcourt to get the bands used to working together, both The Misfits and The Holograms drew names for a Secret Santa and pulled someone from the other band. Stormer and Shana pulled each other. Though her bandmates were totally opposed to having to get gifts for their rivals, Stormer knew from Kimber that The Holograms were getting stuff for them and used this information to convince them to do the same. When Christmas eventually came, the fashionable Shana (with some help from Kimber) had sewn a dress specifically for Stormer and in return Stormer gave her the gift of a new, fancy mannequin. Holiday Special 2015

As their joint tour drew closer, The Misfits and Holograms were called in for one last meeting going over the final dates and to get everyone on the same page. Before the meeting, Kimber had gotten her hands on a vial of powder from a fortune teller that, when mixed into a drink, would help ease the tensions between the two bands. However, Kimber didn't listen to the fortune teller's warning that the mixture became a potent love potion in higher doses and mixed the entire vial into a pitcher of water that was served at the meeting, thus affecting everyone in both bands aside from Jerrica and Jem. As the love potion took hold on her, Stormer found herself falling madly in love with a barista. As her desperate displays of affection to the uninterested woman caught the attention of some nearby fans, Jerrica used Synergy to project a hologram of the barista to lure Stormer into the backseat of her car, hopefully keeping her from embarrassing herself further. Once Jetta was caught, she was locked in the back of Stormer's car as well, Rio keeping an eye on them until the potion wore off. Once everything was back to normal, footage of Stormer grovelling at the barista's feet made it onto the news, her bizarre behavior being explained away as a marketing stunt for the tour. Valentine Special

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Jem Babies[edit]

After a particularly exhausting concert, Kimber had a cinematically influenced dream about The Holograms and The Misfits as babies living in a nursery under the care of Nanny Synergy. When the two bands of infants argued over which group their new pet kitten would be named after, Stormer suggested they compromise and name her Mis-gram, which Shana then refined into Miss Gram. While she was taking her turn playing with Miss Gram, Stormer was approached by Kimber who shyly asked if she could have her turn. Kimber then shared her idea of the two bands working together to put on a show for Miss Gram with Stormer, something that would hopefully allow The Holograms and Misfits to put aside their differences. Agreeing to her plan, Stormer and Kimber got to work writing the lyrics to their new song. Their plan of bringing their bands together proved to be (more or less) a success. Outrageous Annual 2015

The Starlights' fan fiction[edit]

In the Jem and the Holograms fan fiction written by The Starlights, Stormer was the most trusted advisor of Majestrix Pizzazz, serving as the moral voice to the queen of the universe. However, when Stormer fell in love Kimber, a member of a band of rebels who opposed Pizzazz's rule, she found herself banished to the Planet of Lost Souls. She remained there for months, her lover having no idea where she was until she had a dream of them being reunited on the Planet of Lost Souls, something she speculated might have been due to Stormer telepathically sending her a message. Believing that Stormer may be able to help them put an end to Pizzazz's tyrannical rule, Kimber and her fellow rebels began working to rescue her. Once they knew the secret to passing the otherwise impenetrable mists that surrounded the Planet of Lost Souls, The Holograms found Stormer almost immediately after landing their ship.

Taking her in, Stormer revealed to The Holograms that the reason that Pizzazz's behavior had become increasingly evil was that before banishing her, Pizzazz had torn out her own heart so that she would never have to know pain like Stormer's betrayal had caused her ever again. Using her psychic powers, Shana discovered that Pizzazz hid her heart away in the ball and chain she'd made Stormer wear as part of her banishment and that the only way to get to it was if Stormer's tears fell onto it. Drawing upon the pity she felt for her friend to make herself cry, her tears did indeed cause the ball to melt away and reveal Pizzazz's missing heart inside, but the heart then quickly crumbled into ash. With their plan to reunite Pizzazz with her heart out the window, rebel leader Jem believed music might be the solution to their problem. Setting down on Planet Pizzazz, The Holograms began playing before Stormer came out and took the microphone, singing a soulful ballad that touched Pizzazz so much that it caused her heart to regrow! With this, Pizzazz became a benevolent leader and peace was finally restored to the galaxy. Outrageous Annual 2017

Hasbro Universe[edit]

A member of The Misfits in this universe as well, Stormer was featured along with her bandmates on a poster owned by Ian Noble England, Half English

Jemcorp Universe[edit]

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  • In a profile put out by IDW ahead of the release of Jem's first issue, Stormer's age is given as 20 years old, making her the youngest of The Misfits. Additionally, IDW Jem writer Kelly Thompson gave Stormer's date of birth as July 5 in an answer on her Tumblr.
  • According to an answer from IDW Jem artist Sophie Cambell on her Tumblr, Stormer is of Jewish/Middle Eastern descent.
  • In the 2017 Transformers Annual, a Cybertronian resembling Stormer appears as a background extra alongside another who resembles Kimber in a flashback to pre-war Cybertron.