Target: Snake Eyes Part 4

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Target: Snake Eyes Part 4
Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow #19
SnakeEyes-19 regcvr.jpg
"Target: Snake Eyes Part 4"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published November 21, 2012
Cover date November 2012
Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Alex Cal
Colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor John Barber and Carlos Guzman

The Soft Master guides the forces of the Coil to an Arashikage temple, where he seeks to slay his hated foe: Snake Eyes.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Agent Helix has travelled to Siem Reap Province in Cambodia, seeking out an Arashikage temple that she was told of by the Hard Master in the hope of finding Snake Eyes. Though the master warns her not to go to the deadly, ancient building, she perseveres, determined to track down her old ally... but as she enters the temple, Storm Shadow and his ninja lie hidden in wait for her.

Seeking to escape Cobra Commander's anger, the Baroness rides a motorcycle through the Tryolvian countryside. The Commander is furious that forty billion euros of Cobra resources has been lost, and for her incomptence, he has sent a team of Vipers in Flight Pods to kill the Baroness; a missile fired by one of them blows her off a bridge and into the river, where others strafe the water with their chain guns. Savane assumes that another of Cobra's "old guard" has passed, but Cobra Commander cautions her not to be so sure, as the Baroness's death has been reported many times before... and, indeed, the aristocrat has retrieved diving gear hidden in her bike and swam away, escaping from the Cobra dredgers that the Vipers call in.

In Siem Reap, the battleships of the Coil's elite Fang Brigade move in towards the Arashikage temple; the Soft Master has not been there in many years, but observes that it is unchanged. The ninja master's Coil guard doubts the truth of the temple, believing that he is lying to keep himself alive — but is proven wrong when a spiked ball trap swings into him from across the river, killing him and pulling him from the boat! As the Coil's soldiers react with surprise, Tomo spots their enemy atop a broken statue: Snake Eyes. The boy leaps from the boat, intent on killing Snake Eyes himself and avenging his parents, but as Tomo closes in on his foe, the Soft Master orders the Fang Brigade to move ahead, abandoning him... for he has no intent of letting the his student have the glory of killing the silent warrior, as that privilege is reserved for him alone. Wishing to restore his family's honor and claim Snake Eyes' place as a legend among the Arashikage, Tomo duels him... but the other ninja easily disarms him and knocks him unconscious with a single blow.

Above the South China Sea, Scarlett attempts to convince G.I. Joe leader Duke to let her team follow a lead on an Arashikage position in the hope of tracking down Snake Eyes, but he refuses, believing that she is letting her feelings for the ninja get in the way of the mission, and orders them back to base. That changes, however, when Dial-Tone recieves a GPS signal from Helix, calling the Joes in to her position within the temple, where she is currently dodging countless traps and ninja attacks; on reaching the center of the building, she is confronted by Storm Shadow, who challenges her to use her total battlefield awareness to anticipate his every move and counter him... but secretly, he is distracting her to let him knock her out with a barage of darts from the hilt of his sword. The Arashikage take Helix prisoner, only to find the temple under attack from the Coil's warships; Storm Shadow orders his ninja to flee and leave her behind to die... but their path out of the temple is blocked by Snake Eyes, carrying an unconscious Tomo!

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Arashikage Others

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"My mother wrote to me of you, Snake Eyes. A legend of the Arashikage who turned his back on the clan. You killed my father in combat. You murdered my mother in betrayal. Your life is an unworthy one. Stained with the blood of the family that embraced you. I will make you pay for your treachery. I will restore their honor. And then I will be the legend.

Tomo. Yeah, uh, good luck with that, kid.

"Like flame to a nest of rats. Drive them into the light to die. The clan is weak. And weakness will be expunged. With the death of the preening Storm Shadow and the traitorous Snake Eyes, a new brotherhood of assassins may be born."

—The Soft Master

Notes[edit | edit source]

Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tomo wants revenge on Snake Eyes for murdering his father and mother after receiving his mother's letter, as seen in Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow #16, though that issue also showed that Snake Eyes didn't kill his mother, instead trying to save her.
  • Helix's special abilities were said to come from an altered brain chemistry in her debut issue.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • The recap page mistakenly refers to Tomo as Juro.

Covers (2)[edit | edit source]

  • Regular cover: Serpentor looms over a fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, by Alex Cal, Aburtov and Grafikslava.
  • Cover RI: Snake Eyes looking badass astride a motorcycle, by David Williams, Aburtov and Grafikslava.