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Team Extreme is by far the most radically bodacious gang of bros ever assembled to fight in the name of justice. The heroes of the 1990s, they kept it real by fighting all sorts of gnarly villains such as ninjas, eco-terrorists, mutants, and...skateboard gangs. Their leader is none other than the awesomely radical Action Man backed up by his lady friend Natalie Poole. And if ever things get tough, then their time lost homie Sgt. Savage will always be on hand.



Team Extreme was active in the 1990s, battling quintessentially '90s threats across the globe. At times, they would team up with the time-displaced soldier Sgt. Savage. When Eagles Scream TFWikiFavicon.png


  • The...flamboyant style of dress that Team Extreme sports is a homage to shall we say...eccentric style of Rob Liefeld, one of the most prominent comic book authors/artists in the 1990s.
  • Team Extreme is an homage to the casts of both the Action Man cartoons. The 1995 series featured a blue-clad Action Man and Natalie Poole. In the series, Action Man had the catchphrase: "Come on team, lets get extreme". The 2000 series featured "Team Xtreme," the extreme sports team of Alex Mann.
  • While its two known members are (historically) from the United Kingdom, it is unknown if Team Extreme is actually affiliated with the Action Man Programme.

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