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A remarkably skilled agent of MI6, Terrence Salmons is now an elite field agent of the Action Man Programme and a member of Action Man's support team. During Mike Brogan's tenure as Action Man, Salmons was largely considered to be next in line for the title. However, circumstances forced the inexperienced Ian Noble to be promoted instead. Salmons makes no secret of his frustration at having to both support and train a rookie he doesn't much care for who inherited the title he was once all but guaranteed but is nevertheless a loyal and dedicated agent of A.M.P..

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Terrence Salmons was born in London, England. An exceptional student, he graduated top of his class from Imperial College London and shortly thereafter became an agent of MI6. After pretending to defect and join Triple-I, Salmons spent a year gaining the trust of the organization's leader before revealing his true loyalties during the Schrödinger's Box Affair. This earned him the attention of Action Man Programme director Pauline Bestley, who then recruited him for her organization.

A field agent working closely with Mike Brogan, Salmons was considered a shoo-in for next in line for the title of Action Man. Terrence Salmons profile However, after Brogan sacrificed himself saving the world and Ian Noble accidentally revealed himself to the public in the wake of Brogan's sacrifice, Bestley had no choice but to promote him instead. Absolute Beginners It was no secret that Salmons was immensely frustrated by this, feeling that Ian being chosen over him was at least partially due to racism as well as a general disbelief that an inexperienced rookie like Ian could hold such an honorable title. The job of rectifying Ian's inexperience fell to Salmons, something he was also none too happy with. Terrence Salmons profile

Continuing his role as a member of Action Man's support team, Salmons was occupied dealing with a terrorist group's B team while Action Man dealt with the others as they were attempting to set off a dirty atom bomb aboard a passenger train. With his train threatening to collide with a tanker, Ian decided the best course of action would be to derail the passenger train, sending it hurdling off into a nearby wildlife preserve. Arriving on the scene just in time to scare off some tigers who were menacing Ian, Salmons made a point of sharply criticizing his reckless endangerment of civilians. Back at headquarters, Ian and Salmons sparred, with Salmons easily beating him. Absolute Beginners


Despite orders to leave the radical separatists occupying the Hauteville House to Salmons and focus on his mission of quietly retrieving the sensitive information being stored there, Ian couldn't resist leaping into action when he noticed one of the separatists wore a belt buckle marked with an "X", infuriating Salmons when he and Mercy Gale arrived on the scene. As Ian was chewed out by Bestley for his brashness, Salmons noted that this was what happened when an Action Man was chosen based on his appearance rather than his skills. After they were both thrown out of Bestley's office, Salmons roughed Ian up a bit in the hall before he was interrupted and told to knock it off by A.M.P. quartermaster (and Ian's friend) Bryce Chan. After Ian sneaked out of his room to visit Bryce, Salmons retrieved him and escorted him back. In the hall outside Ian's room, he griped about Noble to Mercy, who was much more understanding towards Ian. While they talked, Salmons noticed that his security card was missing and ran back into Ian's room to discover he was nowhere to be found.

Tracking him down to Bath, Salmons met up with him as he finished taking out Colditz. Given that masked villain had just received an invitation to the mysterious Chateau, Salmons asked Ian if he was prepared to go undercover. England, Half English While listening in on Colditz's conversation with a mysterious individual in the shadows before he engaged him, Ian heard him mention a traitor within the Action Man Programme, who he assumed was Salmons given his obvious distaste for him. Though he only told Bryce about this at first, he shared his suspicion with Bestley after his cover at the Chateau was blown. However, he only shared this suspicion after Salmons and Mercy Gale were sent in to provide support for him. Taking the controls of the VTOL after the pilot was killed by the Chateau's anti-air defenses, Salmons set the craft down as Action Man, surprisingly, still managed to complete his mission. Given that their intel had clearly been compromised, Salmons gave Ian a rare commendation on managing to salvage a mission where he'd been set up to fail. As Ian handed Salmons a data card retrieved from a scientist at the Chateau marked with a symbol that led him to believe Bryce had actually been the traitor, Salmons noted that the card, while similar, was actually different from the kinds of data cards used by A.M.P.. Suddenly, Salmons was then shot in the back by Mercy, who revealed that she had not only been the traitor, but had also been Doctor X all along! Out of the Way


Falling into a snowbank, Salmons played dead and grabbed onto the VTOL as Ian was forced to pilot it while Mercy held him at gunpoint. As Ian landed the craft near a tree, Salmons jumped into said tree as the VTOL made its descent and laid there waiting for the right time to strike. After Ian set him up with a one liner, Salmons jumped from the tree and began firing at Gale, who deflected his shots with a forcefield. Salmons continued to fight with his former partner as Ian struggled to free himself from his handcuffs until Gale took to the skies with her jetpack and Ian used Salmons's back as a springboard to grab onto her.

After this incident, Salmons visited Ian's hospital room while he made a recovery from his injuries during the mission. However, Ian wasn't nearly as hurt as Salmons believed, which he only discovered when he leapt out of his bed when Bestley arrived to give them their next mission: providing backup for an S.I.S. unit in Greece. Mr Love and Justice Piloting an A.M.P. helicopter while Ian bungee jumped/glided into a giant fissure inside Mount Olympus, Salmons pulled Ian out as he began picking up readings that the Ore-13 inside the mountain was about to explode. Concorde Hymn TFWikiFavicon.png

Hacking into security cameras, Salmons learned that the American M.A.S.K. team had carried out an operation in Athens, Greece where they captured a Cybertronian who was now illegally being held captive at G.I. Joe's base on Governor's Island. In the wake of Ian's rescue mission, he lost contact with A.M.P. headquarters, causing Bestley and Bryce to worry that he may be dead. Salmons didn't share their concern, knowing that that would be far too easy a way for him to inherit the title of Action Man. The Modern World TFWikiFavicon.png

Salmons helped out as the Action Man Programme took the mutated populace of Verenya into their care. While there, he commented to new A.M.P. agent Kup that even though he'd wanted Ian gone, he never wanted him to just disappear of the face of the Earth like he'd just had. Crisis Intervention TFWikiFavicon.png After the mutant Schletevans were transferred to an Onyx facility in Buenos Aires, Salmons sat on the roof with G.I. Joe operative Mayday and listened to the time-displaced Sgt. Savage explain his story. Later, as Baron Ironblood and his forces arrived to rescue Garrison Kreiger and take back the Talisman, Salmons joined Mayday and Savage (as well as several other members of the G.I. Joe team) in fighting back against the villains. When Eagles Scream TFWikiFavicon.png Ghost in the Machine TFWikiFavicon.png

Salmons was amongst the heroes and villains gathered inside Trypticon to defend the Earth against Unicron. Unicron #5 TFWikiFavicon.png

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