The Betrayers Part 1

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G.I. Joe #7
GIJoev1-7 cvrB.jpg
"The Betrayers Part 1"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published July 22, 2009
Cover date July 2009
Written by Chuck Dixon
Line-art by S.L. Gallant
Colors by Andrew Crossley
Letters by Chris Mowry
Editor Andy Schmidt

Scarlett faces court martial, whilst Covergirl joins the ranks.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A furious Hawk chews out Scarlett, laying out how her case will be reviewed and decided by unnamed higher-ups, with the ominous suggestion that her life may be on the line. As the interrogation begins, the proceedings are broadcast to screens across the Pit: there are no secrets between Joes. In the rec room Dial Tone remarks that Scarlett's predicament is her own fault, causing Duke to storm out.

Midnight passes, and a helicopter descends into the Pit, and aboard is G.I. Joe's latest recruit, codename Covergirl. Meanwhile, the interrogation continues, and despite Scarlett's insistence, Hawk refuses to believe that "Cobra" is the far-reaching conspiracy—manipulating terrorist acts the world over—that she and partner-in-crime Snake Eyes believe it to be. Even as Scarlett admits how the rogue Joe has been feeding her intel, Snake Eyes has sunk Nico Mandirobilis's ship, and makes his escape in a dingy. Scarlett's only hope is now that Snake Eyes' last, interrupted transmission, the contents of Mandirobilis's hard drive, back up her wild claims.

A day later, Torpedo and Deep Six watch as Shipwreck begins a test of the Remora, a prototype submarine, in the Pit's underground lake. Things quickly go awry when a ballast tank failure causes the craft to flip upside-down and crash to the lake bed, taking on water. Torpedo dives in to help, but he is unable to squeeze under the ship to reach the manual ballast release. Suddenly, another figure plunges into the lake, and their smaller stature allows them to easily pull the lever. As the Remora rights itself and returns to the surface, Shipwreck's savior is revealed to be the beautiful Covergirl!

Early the next day, Duke wakes Scarlett in her quarters, and tries to convince her to turn in Snake Eyes to Hawk in exchange for her acquittal, insisting the ninja has abandoned her. Scarlett claims otherwise, but the next day consents to an attempt to bring in Snake Eyes, sending him a message explaining that the hard drive download was incomplete, and that she needs him to deliver the drive itself. Dial Tone cannot trace where Snake Eyes is messaging from, and what they already have of the Mandirobilis files has not proven her claims, so Scarlett's fate now rests on the ninja coming through for her. Meanwhile, Brainstorm and the Fobbits are dissecting one of the robots which invaded the Pit. Just as a manufacturer's stamp is located on one component, providing a potential clue to the machine's origin, the robot self-destructs, sending the team flying.

A day later, a frustrated Snake Eyes sets out to prove Cobra's existence once and for all. Mandirobilis's damaged laptop in hand, he stows away aboard a cargo plane, flying from Hong Kong to Seattle. There, he lies in wait in an apartment papered with conspiratorial newspaper clippings. Before long, the homeowner returns: Mainframe, the only other Joe to ever go rogue!

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]


Snake Eyes and Scarlett hate vowels

Notes[edit | edit source]

Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • The second rogue Joe was alluded to last issue, and is revealed here to be Mainframe. The circumstances surrounding his leaving the Joes are depicted in Origins #7.

Real life references[edit | edit source]

  • Rock 'n Roll is wearing a Kiss T-shirt.
  • "Repple depple" is real slang for a military replacement depot.
  • Mainframe has been to M Street Grocery, a real store in Seattle (although it's now closed down). Also seen is real landmark the Pioneer Building.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • S.L. Gallant's surname is misspelled "Galant" on the issue's cover and credits page.
  • Not strictly an error, since scissor exist, but Rock 'n Roll's hair and beard are significantly shorter than in the previous arc.
  • "Mandirobilis" is consistently misspelled "Mandrilobus" again.

Other notes[edit | edit source]

  • This issue does not feature a printed title, but the six-issue arc it begins was titled "The Betrayers" in the solicitation text for issue #12.
  • While Cover Girl's name is rendered as "Covergirl" in the single issue release, it is changed to the usual "Cover Girl" in the IDW Collection release.

Covers (4)[edit | edit source]