The Betrayers Part 2

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G.I. Joe #8
GIJoev1-8 cvrB.jpg
"The Betrayers Part 2"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published August 12, 2009
Cover date August 2009
Written by Chuck Dixon
Line-art by S.L. Gallant
Colors by Andrew Crossley
Letters by Robbie Robbins & Chris Mowry
Editor Andy Schmidt
Associate editor Denton J. Tipton

It's a party at Castle Destro as Baroness breaks out and the Joes break in. Meanwhile, Snake Eyes and Mainframe go on a road trip.


Inside Castle Destro, a team of Cobra troopers has arrived at the Baroness's cell and blow it open. Assuming command of the troops, the Baroness learns the "explosives" around her neck are in fact real emeralds, before sending the squad to capture the castle's other inhabitants: Glynis and Rory MacDougall, and Destro himself, who despairingly pores through his library for a solution to his entrapment within metal armor. Quickly tased into unconsciousness, Destro, along with his staff and all their research, is loaded up into waiting helicopters, for transport to "Section Zero". From afar, Flint watches the commotion, and reports in to the Pit.

In Seattle, Mainframe rambles to the mute Snake Eyes, noting that the ninja risks alerting G.I. Joe to both their presences. Snake Eyes presents the computer expert with Nico Mandirobilis's damaged laptop, and Mainframe reluctantly connects its hard drive to an offline PC destined for the trash. His caution is proven sensible when the drive deploys an aggressive rootkit, shredding the old computer's systems, but with a sketch of their insignia, Snake Eyes reveals who he is hunting: Cobra! Elated to discover the ninja is working the same case as him, Mainframe shares a recent discovery of his own: Cobranet, a hidden worldwide computer network. He has even located one of the network's servers, in Springfield, Illinois, and Snake Eyes immediately sets them out on a journey to find it.

In the Pit, Hawk's investigation into Scarlett continues, and he has brought in Stalker for his account of the mission in Manila that she dispatched him on. Though he admits that she never provided his team with a reason for the operation, Stalker declares his absolute trust in Scarlett, and argues that Snake Eyes, of all people, is unlikely to be leading her on a wild goose chase. Hawk thinks otherwise, and insists that his current actions, essentially using Scarlett as bait to bring in the mute ninja, are a necessary evil.

In Patagonia, a G.I. Joe attack force parachutes in a short distance from Castle Destro, and rendezvous with Flint, who reveals that the building is now empty. Led by Duke, the team moves into the castle grounds and splits up for a search. Cover Girl, Six-Gun, and Hat Trick are exploring a hall of portraits, when suddenly, a thunderous noise heralds the arrival of a spider robot similar to those that attacked the Pit... but far, far larger!

Featured characters[edit]

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"This is all about Cobra? Cobra's my thing!"

Mainframe gets very excited


Continuity notes[edit]

  • Flint was last seen on the trail of Castle Destro in issue #5.
  • It has been three years since Mainframe left G.I. Joe, as seen in Origins #7.

G.I. Joe references[edit]

  • Cobra's servers being located in Springfield, Illinois is a reference to the common use of "Springfield" as the town Cobra operated out of in both the Marvel comic and Sunbow cartoon.

Real life references[edit]

Other notes[edit]

  • This issue does not feature a printed title, but the arc was titled "The Betrayers" in the solicitation text for issue #12.
  • Cover Girl's name is written differently to last issue's "Covergirl". The series will flip-flop between the two variations before eventually settling down on "Cover Girl".

Covers (3)[edit]