The Fall of G.I. Joe Part One

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G.I. Joe vol. 4 #1
GIJoev4-1 regcvr.jpg
"The Fall of G.I. Joe Part One"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published September 24, 2014
Written by Karen Traviss
Line-art by Steve Kurth
Colors by Kito Young
Letters by Tom B. Long
Special Thanks Max Brooks
Editor John Barber

The fall begins!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Five years later...

Fighting has broken out at the Schleteva-Galibi border in the Caucasus, with a group of ethnically-Schletevan rebels seeking to have their border region of Galibi annexed into Schleteva, something neither country's government is especially keen on. 48 hours ago, a ceasefire began, and now a new international peacekeeping force is arriving: Cobra! The next day, a group of Cobra Youth cadets are unloaded in Verenya, Schleteva to man vehicle checkpoints, whilst a day later still, Schletevan president Bulatov meets with Cobra representive Tomax Paoli, who reveals that the rebel leader Rashidov has agreed to send a representative for talks. Bulatov plans to cooperate with the Galibi government over a disputed gas pipeline in return for concessions to sooth the rebels, but worries that Galibi will seek Western help and complicate matters.

Meanwhile, Captain "Scarlett" O'Hara and General Colton are in Washington, D.C. for Senate hearings that will decide the fate of G.I. Joe as an organisation. With Cobra now seemingly a legitimate organisation, with public offices across the globe, the Senate believes the Joes' job is done, and it seems increasingly likely that the team will be shut down. After the hearing concludes for the day, Scarlett bumps into Joshua Spinetti of Operational Support, who expresses interested in shuffling the G.I. Joe team members into his department, believing that Cobra are simply biding their time.

Two days later, Tomax pays a visit to one of the cadets in Verenya, none other than Isaac Craft, son of Cobra's Siren, before returning to the Cobra consulate in London. The Baroness chafes under Paoli's PR-friendly approach, but this plan is supported by Siren, who recognizes the need to avoid making enemies. Back in Verenya, Isaac meets up at night with fellow cadet Jon, expressing his distaste for their peacekeeping mission and his desire to instead join with Rashidov's rebels.

At the G.I. Joe base on Governor's Island, Scarlett shares the dire outlook of the senate hearings with her fellow Joes, before briefing them on their next assignment: eliminating the Schletevan separatists on behalf of the Galibi government. Noting that this dicey black ops mission could be what saves G.I. Joe from the trash heap, she sends her team to prepare. Back in D.C., Spinetti learns from a CIA operative about G.I. Joe's deployment, and starts making calls, whilst in Verenya, Isaac and Jon board a mini-van under cover of darkness, ready to join the rebels. Before they go, however, Craft posts a letter: he wants his mother to know that he has deserted Cobra...

Three days later, G.I. Joe is en route to Schleteva, watching a news broadcast in which Tomax obliquely calls out their mission, before suggesting that the US military close all overseas bases, and that local people should peacefully protest to this end. Realising that Cobra has implicitly declared war on them, the Joes parachute from their helicopter, even as Isaac and Jon come face to face with Rashidov for the first time.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

(Characters in italics appear on in flashbacks.)

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • Five years have passed since the events of volume 3. Notable by his complete absence in this new era is Cobra Commander. Although Isaac's quarters sport a poster of the Commander in this issue, Snake Eyes, Agent of Cobra #1 will subsequently suggest that Tomax has entirely taken over command of Cobra.
  • Tomax escaped Joe custody at the climax of The Cobra Files.
  • The big flashback panel includes a tablet with the Cobra 'training manual' from volume 3's "Threat Matrix" storyline.
  • Siren and her son Isaac were the focus of the final arc of volume 3. With five years having passed, Isaac is now 16 years old.

G.I. Joe references[edit | edit source]

  • The painting on the wall of Tomax's office shows him, and his brother Xamot, wearing their outfits from the classic Real American Hero cartoon and comic.

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