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Vworp! Vworp!

Time And Relative The iconic transport of the Time Travelers, the Time Chambers are sarcophagi-like, one man crafts designed to aid the Travelers in journeying through time and space.


The law of the Time Travelers decreed it illegal for one of their number to enerchange with the vessels. Micronauts #9 Long, long, ago, the Time Travelers set off in the Chambers, promising to return one day. They never did but the Entropy Cloud showed up not long after their departure. Micronauts #3

After taking over a Pharoid temple, Red Falcon and Baron Karza explored the inside and discovered five Time Travelers communing with each other in their Chambers. Micronauts #4

To stop the threat Shazraella posed to the planet Earth, the Time Travelers tore their maddened brother from the women and sealed him inside a Time Chamber forever more. Wrath of Karza #5

Alternate timeline[edit]

In an alternate timeline, the Entropy Cloud had consumed all of Microspace save for the Udunax system. In defiance of his people's laws, the last Time Traveler enerchanged with his Time Chamber and used his newfound power to save a handful of the native Kronus from total event collapse. He remained enerchanged for so long that he merged with his vessel completely creating the Sentient Time Chamber. Micronauts #9


  • The Time Chambers are based on the "Time Chamber" toy from the original toyline that came as an accessory to the Pharoid figure.