Truly Outrageous: Part One

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Jem and the Holograms #24
"Truly Outrageous: Part One"
First published March 29, 2017
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Gisele Lagace
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos

The Stingers crash The Holograms' Hawaiian getaway as Jerrica takes a drastic step in reconciling her two identities.


While on vacation in Hawaii, The Holograms practice with their new lineup, Shana having moved to bass in order to accommodate Raya on the drums. As they finish up, Aja compliments Shana’s bass skills, feeling that it’s a much more natural fit for her. After hesitating to agree when her sister comments that she’s glad that there’s no hard feelings over her being replaced on the drums, Shana begins discussing the other changes that occurred during her absence, such as The Misfitsreality show and Jerrica’s struggles maintaining her dual identity. As they catch up with the rest of the band, Raya thanks them for letting her tag along, which Jem and Kimber feel is only natural since she’s part of the family now. While on the subject of family, Jem asks when they can expect the boyfriends to arrive, prompting Kimber to complain about Stormer not being invited on account of the reality show. As the Holograms all gather together for a quick selfie, they’re suddenly interrupted by their neighbors… The Stingers!

As Raya and Shana struggle to keep Kimber and Aja from fighting with Rapture and Minx, Jem confronts Riot, not buying his excuse that they just happened to book the house right next door by coincidence. Jem tries to get it through to Riot that the two of them are done but he insists that they’re destined to be together. Leaving to answer the door, Jem finds that Rio, Tony, and Craig have all finally arrived and they’ve brought along a surprise guest… Stormer! While she explains to the overjoyed Kimber that she managed to lose the camera crew, Tony and Craig inquire about the luau later that night while Rio asks about Jerrica. After offering to take him to her, Jem is stopped by Aja, who asks what she’s doing. Feeling it’s time to come clean about her dual identity, Jem walks Rio down the hall while Aja decides that it may be for the best that everyone clear out and give Rio and Jerrica some space…

Meanwhile, Rapture and Minx discuss their surprise at how Riot’s reaction to being dumped and losing a band member has been more mopey rather than to get angry and plot like them. Just then, Rapture notices a TV crew standing outside in their bushes, pointing a camera at the Holograms' beach house. Poking her head out the window, Minx greets them. Apologizing for bothering them, the producer Paige explains that they followed Stormer, trying to get the Misfits reality show back on track. As the crew prepares to leave, Minx stops them and says that she happens to know that The Holograms are hiding a big secret that could potentially be quite lucrative for them if they exposed it and suggests putting some pressure on Raya to reveal it to them. As the crew leaves and thanks Minx for the tip, Rapture asks her what the secret is. Minx explains that she doesn’t actually know but figures that they must have some kind of dirty little secret and that a nosy TV crew would be perfect to expose it.

Back at Hale Holograms, Jem leads Rio to the empty master suite and sits him down before stepping back out into the hall and changing back into Jerrica. As she comes back in and joins him, Rio thanks Jerrica for inviting him to Hawaii. When Jerrica asks why she wouldn’t have invited him, Rio explains that he’s been feeling like she’s been avoiding him lately and that he was worried she was planning on breaking up with him. After an awkward silence, Rio comments that he’s surprised Jem wouldn’t have taken such a big, nice bedroom for herself. Saying it’s funny that he should mention that, Jerrica rambles for a bit, hesitating before Rio asks her to just tell him what she has to say. Standing up, Jerrica touches her earrings, whispers to Synergy... and transforms herself into Jem!

Featured characters[edit]

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"New band name... Kimber's drink? Tiny Umbrellas?"
"Ooooh. Tiny Umbrellas. That's a great band name. Maybe that will be my eventual solo project."

- Shana and Kimber

"I'm Jem, Rio. I always have been."

- The reveal people have wanted for 32 years.


Continuity notes[edit]

  • Though last issue's ended on a cliffhanger, Raya and Shana are both in The Holograms after the brief timeskip between #23's ending and this issue's opening. Since Raya became their drummer during her absence, Shana's moved on to playing bass, something her profile mentioned she was able to do but hadn't actually been demonstrated thus far.
  • Since The Misfits reality show is still filming, this arc must take place concurrently with The Misfits miniseries. The trio of Brock, Ellen, and Paige all first appeared over in that book.

Other trivia[edit]

  • Originally solicited for release in February, this issue ultimately didn't see release until the last week of March.

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