Truly Outrageous: Part Two

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Jem and the Holograms #25
"Truly Outrageous: Part Two"
First published April 5, 2017
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Gisele Lagace
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos

Jerrica reveals herself as Jem to Rio while The Stingers continue to interfere with The Holograms' vacation.


At the luau, Shana, Kimber, and Aja all sit and enjoy their meal with their significant others, prompting Raya to comment how she's starting to feel like a seventh wheel on her bandmates' dates. As Shana relates to her, Aja checks her phone to see if she's gotten anything from Jerrica, worried that maybe they shouldn't have left her and Rio alone. Shana comforts her sister, telling her that if Jerrica needs them she'll let them know. After they finish eating, Raya heads towards the restroom and is approached by Paige and Ellen as she's washing up. Introducing themselves as members of the Misfits reality show crew, Paige explains that a little birdie told her that Raya is privy to a certain secret that the Holograms are hiding and promises to make it worth her while if she spills the beans...

Meanwhile, at the Holograms' beach house, Rio is in shock over Jerrica's revelation that she and Jem are one in the same. As Jem apologizes for keeping the truth from him for so long, it suddenly occurs to Rio that, even putting aside everything else, that if Jerrica and Jem are the same person, it means that she's been cheating on him with Riot. Jem tries to defend herself, explaining how much trouble she had keeping her identities separate, but Rio only asks that she turn back into Jerrica. Obliging him and changing back, Jerrica ignores Rio's question about what this "Synergy" thing she keeps talking about when she transforms is and tries to ask him to stop looking at her so angrily before finally relenting and asking Synergy to show herself, something that only throws Rio through even more of a loop. As the rest of the Holograms and their significant others return to the house, they're surprised to see Rio storm out of the house and hop in a cab, demanding to be taken back to the airport!

As Jerrica's sisters enter the house calling for her and Stormer heads back to her hotel, Raya. Tony, and Craig discuss what they just saw, briefly wondering if Jerrica had invited Rio out all this way just to break up with him. As the three of them leave to give the Bentons some privacy, Rapture and Minx pop out of their hiding spot in the bushes and head back inside. Delighted by the news that Jerrica and Rio are through, Rapture proposes that they show the Holograms what having a broken band really feels like, suggesting that they start by breaking up Kimber and Stormer...

While Kimber and Shana try to comfort their weeping sister, Aja inquires about just how much of the truth she told Rio. As Jerrica says she told him everything and says she isn't sure if he's mad enough to go public with that information, Aja reminds her that that could mean the end of their careers and reputation. Though Shana scolds Aja for being so insensitive, Jerrica decides she's had enough of her sisters' idea of "comforting" and heads outside for some alone time. Just then, Raya returns and hands Kimber a piece of paper addressed to her that she found by the front door. Deciding that it's invitation to a secret rendezvous could have only come from Stormer, Kimber rushes off to go get dressed for her surprise date!

Outside, the crying Jerrica is approached by Riot and offered a tissue as he asks her what's wrong. As she explains that she and her boyfriend just broke up, Riot tells her that he's feeling quite miserable as well before making a leap over the hedge separating the two beach houses. Though to Jerrica he doesn't seem to be feeling too miserable, Riot explains that Jem recently broke up with him, something that's never happened to him before. This causes Jerrica to ask if he's actually upset over losing Jem or if he just can't believe that someone broke up with him, adding that he couldn't have gotten to know her too well in the brief time they were together. Riot then surprises Jerrica by telling her that that is exactly the reason he's feeling sad, that he's in mourning over the lost opportunities he could have had to get to know her better and create memories with her. Commenting that that's actually surprisingly sweet, Jerrica is then shocked when Riot proposes that they get together in order to get back at both of their exes!

Meanwhile, Kimber follows the note's directions and ends up seemingly in the middle of nowhere until she notices a picnic table and basket on a nearby cliff. However, that still doesn't solve the mystery of where Stormer is. While Kimber types up a text to her absent girlfriend, completely unaware that she's back at Hale Holograms after getting booted out of her overbooked hotel, the wind suddenly begins to carry away the picnic blanket. As she chases after it, a rock on the edge of the cliff suddenly gives, causing Kimber to slip and fall off! After The Holograms figure out that the note wasn't left by Stormer after all, they all scramble to figure out where its gone so they can find Kimber while Stormer tries to get a hold of her. As her phone rings, Kimber begins to wake up after her fall... finding herself right next to a river of lava!

Featured characters[edit]

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"Shay. Don't go away again. I can't handle being the one that holds us together. I'm no good at it."
"I thought you were good at everything."
"Not at being without you."

-Aja and Shana

"What in the hell is happening?"

-Rio's rather reasonable reaction to Synergy.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You're right. This isn't the time to be worried about bands and careers... and possibly being publicly outed and never working again or anything."
"What, I was being serious! That wasn't sarcasm, I swear!"

-Aja continues to be great at the whole comforting thing.

"You, ah, don't seem very miserable."
"Oh, but I am! Jem has broken up with me and this has never happened to me before! Nobody breaks up with me! I'm RIOT!"

-Jerrica learns that Riot is a real class act.


Jem references[edit]

  • The plot point of Kimber being in lava based imperilment was lifted from the Jem animated series episode "Hot Time in Hawaii", as indicated by the next issue tagline reusing the title. Rapture and Minx get off a lot lighter than The Misfits' henchman Zipper did in the episode, however, as they didn't knowingly put her in danger.

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