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Facts about Broadside:

  • Her main hobby is making lists of redlinks and then desperately hoping somebody else makes the pages.
  • She's bad at summarising, and bad at writing in general, but soldiers on because someone's got to do it.
  • She reads all of the Hasbro Universe comics, except MASK (because nobody in their right mind would read MASK).
  • She has a chronic problem with making ludicrous numbers of OCs that she does nothing with. At the last count, she has 1 MASK OC, 2 Micronauts OCs, 7 G.I. Joe OCs, and over 50 Transformers OCs.
  • She's Broadside on the Allspark, Boatformer on TFW2005, and Riptide on TFWiki!
  • She likes robots that turn into boats.

(Some of the) Pages What I Did[edit]

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Action Man[edit]