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Daniel Adkins is a long-time comic fan with dreams of someday working in the medium as a writer. Until that time, he writes fan fiction. Daniel is known for his, how shall we say, eclectic tastes in obscure, oft-forgotten properties, such as Micronauts, M.A.S.K., and most especially, ROM. With Revolution on the horizon, Daniel became a more prominent member of the TFWiki community (using his old user name of DannyBoy) when it was clear that most of the people there didn't care about Revolution all that much.

Daniel helped to build pages for things like ROM and M.A.S.K., which led him to signing up for an Allspark account after the Micronus reveal in Micronauts: Revolution, which eventually spread to the idea of creating this very wiki. He now helps contribute to this wiki, specializing in ROM and M.A.S.K. info since those are the two properties he's most familiar with. Yes, he reads M.A.S.K.. We don't know why either.

Daniel has had the chance to interview many of the creators behind IDW's Hasbroverse, including John Barber, Chris Ryall, and David Hedgecock for his YouTube comic book show.

You can also listen to him host Action And Adventure: The Hasbro Universe Podcast with fellow wiki admin Callum Tozer.

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  • "Rom" is how the character's name is spelled.
  • "ROM" is how the series title is spelled.
  • Rom is only a "Spaceknight" in the Marvel series. In IDW, he's a "Space Knight".

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