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Hraal Karza was born on Aegis-6, to the desert planet's Sandmen mercenary society. Baron Karza's profile TFWikiFavicon.png As a young warrior, Karza fought on behalf of the Sagitarrion for several years. Micronauts #1 He was later among the Sandmen hired to defend the Emperor of Microspace from a Kronos revolt, and was recruited as one of the ruler's elite guardsmen in the aftermath of the conflict. He rapidly rose through the ranks, and within a matter of years was installed as Minister of Defense. Accordingly granted the title of Baron, Karza conscripted his fellow Sandmen into the military, putting them through genetic and behavioural modification to create the Acroyears. Baron Karza's profile TFWikiFavicon.png

Part of the Emperor's inner circle, Karza developed a hatred for the Red Falcon, the son of Microspace's ruler; not only did the arrogant warrior ignorantly meddle in diplomacy, but he was betrothed to Shazraella – the Mistress of Spies and object of Karza's affections. When a Pharoid temple was occupied by militants, Karza and the Falcon led a battalion of Acroyears on a rescue mission. At the battle's conclusion, Karza received a cryptic warning from one of the dying militants, before discovering Red Falcon inside the heart of the temple, communing with five Time Travelers. The Emperor's son returned home with claims that the Travelers, part of a Pharoid sect said to have transcended time itself, had shown him the future, and that by seeking their counsel he alone could guide the empire on the right path.

Concerned that the Falcon was withholding something, Karza attempted to convince Baron Daegon, his counterpart in the Ministry of Science, to help act against the heir to the empire, but was turned away. Before long, however, Shazraella sought out Karza, sharing his concerns about Red Falcon, and the pair embraced in a kiss for the first time. The Mistress of Spies revealed that the Time Travelers were showing her betrothed his own bloody ascent to the throne, and resolved to work with the Baron to avoid this. Together they prepared an arcane poison which Karza slipped into the Red Falcon's goblet, killing the heir and ending the threat he posed to Microspace's future. Micronauts #4

However, the death of his son greatly affected the Emperor, and following the subsequent emergence of the Entropy Storm, a mysterious interstellar cloud capable of destroying entire planets, his state of mind deteriorated to the point that Karza, Daegon and Shazraella chose to place him in cryo-hibernation to recuperate. The two Barons subsequently became joint rulers of Microspace, Baron Karza's profile TFWikiFavicon.png while Karza and Shazraella, now married, Micronauts #1 raised an artificially-gestated child named Larissa, who later abandoned them under unknown circumstances. Micronauts Annual 2017

Eventually, disagreements over how to deal with the Entropy Storm led to the eruption of a civil war between the two Ministries, even as the phenomenon continued to destroy Microspace. Micronauts #1 Baron Karza's profile TFWikiFavicon.png After a disastrous mission on MoDee, Karza decommissioned the vast majority of the Acroyears, replacing them with a second generation with greater mental stability. He kept a small number of the original breed active for special purposes, including Raith. Acroyear's profile

On one occasion, Karza demanded that intelligence questions be redirected to his wife, who was at the time – unbeknownst to her husband – interrogating a mysterious interloper from within the Entropy Storm. Informed TFWikiFavicon.png While observing the Storm from afar one day, Karza and Shazraella reminisced together on the fall of Red Falcon. After his wife left the chamber, Karza's Microtron approached him with an object recently ejected from the maelstrom: the Baron's own helmet, weathered with age. Micronauts #4 With this revelation, Karza began to speculate that the Entropy Storm was in fact a rift in time, not merely a simple destructive force. Baron Karza's profile TFWikiFavicon.png

When he discovered that the Ministry of Science was developing biological weapons aboard Valtricos research station, Baron Karza ordered a blockade of the facility to try and claim them for himself. Meanwhile, the Baron himself was stationed along with his wife at the Ministry's mobile outpost near the Entropy Storm, Micronauts #1 and it was there that she brought him news of Valtricos's destruction, and the failure of their Acroyear II units' to retrieve the biological weapon. As the spouses traded barbs over recent events, the Baron was set upon by an assassin, which he quickly dispatched using his Enerchange abilities. With the threat passed, Shazraella received additional news from the front: the band of thieves involved in the station's destruction included one of the last Pharoids, and were now in Baron Daegon's custody. Micronauts #3

Realizing that the Pharoid, the only survivor of the famed "oracle event", could be key in ending the threat of the Entropy Storm, Karza initiated a full-scale attack on the Ministry of Science's flagship. The Baron tasked Commander Raith with leading a small strike team to recover the Pharoid, whilst he himself would engage the bulk of Daegon's forces directly. Micronauts #5 On the ship's bridge, the two Barons duelled in their Enerchanged centaur forms, with Karza decrying his counterpart's attempts to understand the Storm instead of simply seeking to destroy it. After felling Daegon with a all-out final blow, Karza received the news that the Pharoid and his crew had escaped Raith's team, boarding their ship and flying towards the Entropy Storm. As the craft used its warp core punch through the boundary of the Storm, an obsessed Karza burst into space in pursuit, following the ship's wake into the maelstrom. Micronauts #6

Inside the Entropy Storm, Karza found himself in an empty void, awash with the debris of that which the cloud had appeared to destroy. Wandering the Storm for years, Karza eventually discovered a vast robotic form, which he came to learn was Micronus Prime, the being who created Microspace. Micronauts: Revolution Exploring the robot for years, Baron Karza's profile TFWikiFavicon.png the Baron was able to use its technology to make contact with another universe, and in particular with Miles Mayhem. From the human general, Karza learned of Ore-13, a mineral super-fuel with the potential to neutralize the Entropy Storm. Mayhem agreed to help Karza transfer Ore-13 into Microspace in return for assistance with his own schemes, O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png although the process was inefficient – forty percent of the mineral was remaining in its home universe, and violently exploding. The Divine Source of Liberty TFWikiFavicon.png With vast power within his grasp, Karza also found a new desire awaken within him: to not merely save Microspace, but "shepherd" it on a better path.

Not long afterwards, the Micronaut crew arrived at Micronus Prime, having entered the entropy storm mere days ago from their perspective. Karza explained the nature of the behemoth to them, Micronauts: Revolution but soon received word from Mayhem that complications on Earth required the delay of further Ore-13 transfer. His patience expired, Karza activated a spacebridge built into Micronus's body, intending for the Pharoid and his crew to travel to Earth as his pawns. To his surprise, however, shards of Ore-13 began flowing out of the portal, rocking Micronus with explosions. The Micronaut ship passed through, and the spacebridge closed shortly afterwards, halting the dangerous flow of ore. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png

Before long, the spacebridge was reactivated by Mayhem, and Karza himself travelled through, finding himself face to face with the human general's other allies, the alien Dire Wraiths. Without hesitation, the Baron initiated Enerchange, fusing himself first with the Wraith leader and then the rest of their forces. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png Now towering above all others present, Karza went on the attack, determined to secure the Ore-13 needed to save Microspace, even in the face of Mayhem's apparent betrayal. Absorbing the energy of nearby Ore-13 crystals, Karza proved more than a match for the gathered Transformers and humans, and they soon mounted an evacuation of the city in which they fought. However, working with the Earth inhabitants, the Micronauts took control of the spacebridge portal, threatening to return Karza to Microspace. Trying to escape this fate, the Baron clawed at Optimus Prime, but was rammed by Miles Mayhem in his combat vehicle. Knocked loose, Karza plummeted into the spacebridge as it simultaneously opened and exploded, sending the would-be tyrant back to his home universe. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png