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TimeLord 11 enjoys comic books. Too much so. Far too much.

Originally TimeLord11 didn't care too much about the Hasbro Universe. They were just going to read Revolution to see how the plot would affect Optimus Prime before they read ROM #0 and became addicted. As such they've taken up a role on this wiki to help it grow. Well all the stuff related to ROM and Transformers with some occasional work on G.I. Joe.

They got their letter published in ROM #6! Chris Ryall even complemented it in the response email!

For reasons known only to Primus they bought and read M.A.S.K.: Revolution (possibly to know who everyone was prior to Revolution). TimeLord11 is now keenly aware of why no one of a stable mind would read M.A.S.K. and has sworn it off forever. Though the artists are very good at drawing the very nice cars utilized by the characters.

They need to get around to reading Micronauts at some point.

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