Valtricos Research Station

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Orbiting high above an unnamed planet, the Valtricos Research Station is a space station owned and operated by the Ministry of Science. Valtricos specializes in the development of biological weapons to be used in the Ministry of Science's war with the Ministry of Defense.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Valtricos Research Station was manned by military-grade Sentry-bots with a storage chamber holding Biotron and several Phobos units. Micronauts #1 To protect the station, the Ministry of Science rigged the Phobos units to attack should any unauthorized personnel access station data. Equally should the station become compromised, it would send out samples of the biological agent onto the planet below to test its effectiveness. Microanuts #2

The public however believed that Valtricos was developing and distributing pharmaceuticals. Baron Karza learned of the weapon's existence and sought it for himself, setting up a blockade around the station. Smuggler Hezlee Ferro also had designs on it and sent the Micronauts to the station under the orders of stealing the alleged medical supplies. Owing to the rare warpcore drive aboard the Heliopolis, they were able to slip right past the blockade. The sentry-bots caught them by surprise however and they retreated to the storage chamber where Oziron Rael interfaced with Biotron to discover the station's true purpose. The Phobos units quickly activated and destroyed the station, a hull breach sending the Microanuts hurtling through space. Micronauts #1 The station's protocol caused it eject a sample of the virus onto the planet but Larissa was able to load it within Biotron where it did no harm to anyone. Microanuts #2 Shazraella reported the destruction of Valtricos to her husband as well as the failure of their agents to retrieve the weapon. Microanuts #3