Vandenberg Air Force Base

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Vandenberg Air Force Base is a base, owned and operated by the United States Air Force. A branch of the Earth Defense Command also operates out of it.


Leonard Song was stationed at Vandenberg. Earthfall: Part Four

After Rom arrived on Earth, Earthfall: Prelude a soldier in the United States military reported this to EDC soldiers at Vandenberg. They were Dire Wraiths however and assimilated him. A G.I. Joe plane was also stationed at the base, carrying Scarlett, Roadblock and Joe Colton. Earthfall: Part One

After Cooper's Mill had been destroyed, the Wraith posing as Joe Colton sent a squad of soldiers to capture him. They tracked him to Blind-Eye Cave but missed him by seconds. Instead they found Darby Mason, Earthfall: Part Two and brought her back to the base hoping she would lure Rom in. After reuniting with Rom and Camilla Byers, Darby took a page from the Trojan War and Star Wars and concocted a plan to get Rom inside the base by having him pretend to be a prisoner. Earthfall: Part Three

Within the base, Darby freed Rom at Camilla's signal and the Space Knight shouted a warning to any humans that might be present before he slew the Wraiths in the hangar where he was held and escaped with his friends. Earthfall: Part Four

A few weeks later, Leonard Song and Dubosky met in the sub-levels of the base to discuss the potential that a cybernetic interface might be able to remotely control Rom's armor. Reinforcements, Part 3

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