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Has gotten very tired of the "Take over the bodies of cybernetic organisms if you're horny" jokes.

Every group has its mavericks who dare to defy the rules and customs to try and achieve a greater victory. For the caste of Dire Wraith Sorcerers, that maverick is Vekktral. Dissatisfied with his species' over-reliance on magic, Vekktral seems to view himself as a Dire Wraith scientist, eagerly pushing the bounds of what his species can do to find their upper limits and new ways of destroying the Solstar Order. So driven and power-hungry is he, that his attitudes have managed to alienate both his fellow Sorcerers and the Decepticons.


See that tall, strong, attractive fellow? Yeah, Vekktral is the one on the right.

After the Dire Wraith homeworld had been destroyed, the scattered Wraiths fled to sparsely populated worlds to rebuild their strength. Vekktral himself had fled to the planet Mato Grosso, where he attacked a field trip overseen by the Solstar Order. While there, he found an odd creature that was both a machine and a child. Detecting the raw power within the creature, he attempted to merge with it, only for Livia to shoot him with her Neutralizer. Vekktral managed to teleport away before he could be killed with the experience forever haunting Stardrive. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

Approximately five Elonian years later, Vekktral figured out the creature had been a Cybetronian and travelled to the Huni System to propose an alliance to a disinterested Starscream. The Seeker was quick to order Vekktral's execution before the Wraith revealed Stardrive to him. Interest piqued, the Seeker agreed to Vekktral's idea so the Decepticons could claim the Energon source the Solstar Order had to have to keep her alive. Shining Armor #2 TFWikiFavicon.png The alliance slew a Galactic Council delegation due to meet with the Solstar Order and assumed their shapes.

When the group arrived at the space station Orchid Crossing, Vekktral (in the guise of the Council captain and representative) exchanged in some false pleasantries with the Solstar ambassador before shedding his disguise and impaling him. With the signal given, the other Wraiths shed their disguises and began killing as the Decepticons broke into the station. When Starscream arrived, Vekktral pointed out the promised Cybertronian to him, though Starscream could tell for himself which one was the Cybertronian thank you very much.

When the Autobots arrived on the station, Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png they ignored the Wraiths entirely in favour of the Decepticons and Space Knights. An incensed Vekktral saw an opportunity and ordered a Wraith Soldier to assimilate Sky Blast. The result however was an ungodly Wraith/Cybertronian hybrid that tore through everything in sight much to Vekktral's scientific interest. After the hybrid tore apart Doomwings however, Starscream decided Vekktral had served his purpose and decided to retrieve the energon synthesizer on his own. When Orchid Crossing began falling into Xetaxxis however, Starscream ordered Astrotrain to give the Wraiths a ride, during which Vekktral observed that the Wraith/Cybertronian abomination had survived atmospheric reentry. Shining Armor #2 TFWikiFavicon.png


Starscream and Vekktral tracked the hybrid to a Xetaxxian village where its energies reached a critical point and it burned itself out. Vekktral then wondered if the natives might be mechanical before a quick check by Starscream disproved that. After being denied a Decepticon as a test subject for the Wraith/Cybertronian fusion, Starscream told Vekktral to gather his troops before he sent him to bait a trap for the Autobots. Posing as Xetaxxian villagers, the Wraiths played on Bumblebee's sympathies but struck when Ultra Magnus prepared to leave. Vekktral engaged Sata, proving her superior in combat only to be forced away by Magnus. When Bumblebee and Sata fled, Vekktral ordered his troops to seize Magnus. Shining Armor #3 TFWikiFavicon.png

After Ultra Magnus had killed somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred Wraiths, he was finally pinned down and Vekktral used his knowledge gleamed from the Sky Blast hybrid to stabilize his own merger with Ultra Magnus. Wearing Magnus' skin, Vekktral arrived to greet Bumblebee and the Space Knights claiming he would use the power of the Cybertronians to conquer both the Solstar Order and the Galactic Council. When the Decepticons landed however, Vekktral seized Starscream with the other Wraiths turning on the other Decepticons. Shining Armor #4 TFWikiFavicon.png

Assured of the victory that Ultra Magnus' power would bring him, even as the Decepticons slew his troops, Vekktral overlooked one crucial detail: Ultra Magnus was not an ordinary Cybertronian. Rather he was a smaller Autobot within a suit of armor. As a result, the possession was incomplete and Convoy was able to partially resist Vekktral's control eventually managing to open his Spark chamber so Rom could slay them both. Vekktral ejected himself from Magnus at the last second and attempted to possess Stardrive instead. In the interim however, Starscream had detonated the energon synthesizer causing a massive Energon explosion. Vekktral hitched a ride on Stardrive's wing but the Camien forced him off. Vekktral fell into the explosion, cursing the Transformer race, where he was vaporized.

In the aftermath, Vekktral's demise was reviewed by other Wraiths who saw his actions as folly and proof that they should continue to use only magic in the future. Elsewhere, Stardrive touched down on a utopian planet to start anew, unaware that a trace of Vekktral lingered in her systems. Shining Armor #5 TFWikiFavicon.png Over the years, Stardrive would find a way to master and control this trace of Vekktral, allowing her to assume a monstrous, Wraith-like form at will without being consumed by it. The Dead Come Home, Part 2 TFWikiFavicon.png

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