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A powerful and influential Dire Wraith, Vekktral will do anything to bring victory to his species and destroy the hated Solstar Order.


While on Mato Grosso, Vekktral attacked a field trip overseen by the Solstar Order. While there, he found an odd creature that was both a machine and a child. Before he could properly study it, Livia shot him with a Neutralizer but Vekktral teleported away before he could be killed. The experience would forever haunt Stardrive.

About five Elonian years later, Vekktral figured out the creature had been a Cybetronian and reached out to the Decepticons to propose an alliance. In exchange for Stardrive and the Energon source the Solstar Order had to have to keep her alive, the Decepticons would aid the Wraiths in luring the Solstar Order into an ambush. His terms were agreed to and he was lent Starscream's squad with Vekktral becoming a co-leader along with the Seeker. The alliance slaw a Galactic Council delegation due to meet with the Solstar Order and assumed their shapes.

When the group arrived, Vekktral (in the guise of the Council captain and representative) exchanged in some false pleasantries with the Solstar ambassador before shedding his disguise and impaling him. With the signal given, the other Wraiths shed their disguises and began killing as the Decepticons broke into the station. When Starscream arrived, Vekktral pointed out the promised Cybertronian to him. Starscream could tell for himself which one was the Cybertronian thank you very much. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

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