Viral: Part Two

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Jem and the Holograms #8
"Viral: Part Two"
First published October 14, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Emma Vieceli
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Edits by John Barber

The Misfits are in an adjustment period while The Holograms continue to deal with fame.


After watching the new music video for MoreMoreMore that Synergy has put together for them, The Holograms are all extremely impressed, especially Kimber, who immediately gets up and begins jumping for joy. However, the room takes a different tone as she suggests they write a song about Synergy, her sisters immediately reminding her that they can’t tell anyone about Synergy for fear that somebody with less scrupulous intentions may try to get their hands on her. Though she promises she hasn’t and won’t tell anyone about her, Kimber also wonders what Synergy thinks about having to be kept a secret. Though she seems apprehensive about answering, she does eventually agree that its for the best she remain hidden.

Meanwhile, as The Misfits finish practicing their new song, Pizzazz turns to Stormer and comments that, while she likes the song, they need to speed it up so its less of ballad and won’t clash with the rest of the album. Things get tense as Stormer, trying to defend the song as it is, says she’s tired of Pizzazz always trying to be the boss. Though she does assert that she is the boss, Pizzazz surprisingly doesn’t lose it on her bandmate like normal, telling her that even if the lyrics are not so subtly about Stormer and Kimber’s relationship, it’s still a good song, but if she’s so attached to it as a ballad, she’ll have to wait until their next album. Having earlier run off expecting one of Pizzazz’s typical tantrums, Jetta and Roxy express surprise at both of their bandmate’s behavior.

Just then, a call comes in for the band from Harcourt, who informs that after being convinced by Eric, Five by Five has agreed to send The Misfits on a brief tour along the west coast. However, she also warns them that they aren’t yet off the hook for the Misfits VS! debacle and are expected to be on their best behavior. After telling them that they’re still trying to pin down an opener, the call ends just as Harcourt’s secretary informs her that Jerrica Benton has arrived for their meeting…

Later, Jerrica tries to enlist the help of her sisters in getting party invitations sent out, only for all three of them to already be busy. After Shana pressures her, since she’s the only one who doesn’t need to be elsewhere, Aja says she’ll help, but Jerrica turns her down and tells both of them to just sign the contracts she’s gotten from Five by Five. When Shana asks if it’s a good idea to sign with the same label as The Misfits, Jerrica angrily tells her that since they gave the best offer and that since she was the only member of the band who seemed care about any of this, she had to make the call. They both sign, saying that they trust her judgement. Though Aja offers to cancel her date to help, Jerrica says she can handle it herself, her sisters giving her a kiss on her cheek thanking her.

Back at her estate, Pizzazz is busy playing video games when Clash arrives with a flyer advertising The Holograms upcoming Halloween party where they plan to debut their new music video. Meanwhile, Eric checks in on Techrat to see how he’s faring with his assignment hacking into The Holograms’ computer only to find him hunched over, speaking in gibberish. Upon being asked if he was okay, Techrat rants to Eric about how The Holograms’ computer is more advanced than anything he’s ever seen, every attempt he makes to break in getting blocked off by the system rewriting itself, almost as if it was alive. While Eric tells him he can find someone else to do it if he can’t, Techrat’s mood suddenly shifts from panicked and frustrated to overjoyed, telling Eric that this is his greatest challenge and that he’s never been happier. Noting that it might be easier if he was on the inside, Eric smiles and informing him that The Holograms are having a party… and The Misfits have the password to get in!

Featured characters[edit]

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"Jem" references[edit]

  • Clash mentions a cousin named Video, who was a recurring character on the original show. Pizazz follows up by lampshading how weirded the name is, a joke at the sometimes ridiculous nicknames that almost all characters were identified by

Real world references[edit]

The skull face paint The Misfits wear to The Holograms' Halloween part is possibly a reference to the real world band they share a name with.

Covers (3)[edit]

  • Regular cover: Synergy with Jerrica as she transforms, by Emma Vieceli
  • Variant cover: A blank sketch cover with the Jem logo, by whoever you have draw on it
  • Retailer incentive cover: An Artist Edition cover of The Holograms and The Misfits staring each other down, by Jen Bartel