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Weebles bring destruction to your enemies, but they don't fall down!

The humble Weeble makes for a fine weapon!

It truly is the weapon of a warrior. It yearns to be used in battle.

—Acroyear "Wrath of Karza #2"


Billy Conway owned a number of Weebles, which he kept in his bedroom.

When the Conway home was invaded by New Acroyears searching for the Micronauts, they knocked Acroyear and the Weebles off of the table that he was standing on; Acroyear, in need of a weapon, picked up a dog-faced Weeble and threw it through the chest of a Giant Acroyear. As the Micronauts evacuated on the Heliopolis, Acroyear deemed the Weeble a fine weapon, and brought it with him. Micronauts #10

Weebles wobble but, as all things must one day, will eventually fall down...

As the Heliopolis was stormed by New Acroyears, Acroyear opened the Micronauts' counterattack by tossing the Weeble at the swarm of invaders. Though he lost track of his new weapon of choice in the heat of battle, Acroyear found it in time to use it to knock out Steven Klain as he threatened Rhonda Conway. Micronauts #11

After the Helopolis was shot down by Membros and his crew, Acroyear retrieved his trusty Weeble from the ship's wreckage after he was knocked into it by Commander Raith and used it to take out both him and the nearby Lobros. Tragically, the Weeble met its end mere moments later after it was cut in half by a Repto's buzzsaw. After the wreckage was destroyed, the two halves of the Weeble stood alone, both monument to and example of the tragedy and loss that had befallen the Micronauts there. Wrath of Karza #2


  • The Weebles are based on Hasbro's Weeble toyline; specifically, the one Acroyear takes a liking to is a 1973 brown dog Weeble. Don't mess with the classics!