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Windblade is an Autobot who hails from the Cybertronian colony planet Caminus. A Cityspeaker who can communicate with the colossal, city-sized Transformers known as Titans, Windblade is an optimist and dreamer who strongly believes in truth and duty. Lately, however, her experiences with serving as her home planet's representative in the Cybertronian Council of Worlds have continuously put those convictions to the test.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Born on the Cybertronian colony Caminus, Windblade was a Cityspeaker who helped maintain the Titan for which the planet was named. Cut off from Cybertron for millennia, Caminus' isolation came to an end when the legendary Autobot war hero Thunderclash discovered the planet. Taking off with him alongside her bodyguard Chromia and friend Nautica, Windblade's time among Thunderclash's crew came to an abrupt end when Thunderclash was approached by the Autobot sage Alpha Trion who asked that he help his longtime partner Metroplex while he took care of another mission. While she and the other two Camiens attempted to save the grievously wounded Titan, they were found by the crew of the Lost Light and eventually made their way to Cybertron alongside Metroplex. Dark Cybertron TFWikiFavicon.png On Cybertron, Windblade continued to help Metroplex while also gradually becoming integrated into the planet's post-war government, eventually becoming Caminus's representative in the Cybertronian Council of Worlds after contact was reestablished between Cybertron and it's various other colonies. Windblade TFWikiFavicon.png Till All Are One TFWikiFavicon.png

Called to Earth by Soundwave and Pyra Magna, Windblade was asked to see if she could get through to Metrotitan, a Titan who had wound up on Earth and whose city mode the Autobots were currently using as a base but wasn't communicating with them. After days of searching, the trio found no sign of anything actually preventing the Titan from speaking, meaning it was instead refusing. Informed TFWikiFavicon.png While on Earth, Windblade helped the Autobot forces there when they came into conflict with G.I. Joe and the Space Knight Rom. Revolution

Further investigation into Metrotitan revealed that the Titan would only be willing to speak with a Prime. Unwilling to risk Optimus Prime's life, Windblade chose to directly connect her mind to Metrotitan's to find out what he wanted. Though thoroughly unhappy to find her instead of Optimus, Metrotitan still transported her mind to Microspace so that she could learn of the various threats facing this realm. Upon regaining consciousness in her normal body, Windblade attempted to compel Optimus Prime to do something to help save Microspace but he believed they had bigger issues to worry about. Informed TFWikiFavicon.png When Rom began using his link to Metrotitan's Ore-13 supplies to throw the crystals into Microspace through the Titan's space bridge and put them beyond the reach of the Dire Wraiths, Windblade stopped the Space Knight from potentially causing more harm to this other dimension. She later fought alongside her fellow Autobots, the Micronauts, Rom, G.I. Joe, and M.A.S.K. in the battle against the monstrous fusion of the Dire Wraiths and Baron Karza. Revolution

When Earth selected Marissa Faireborn as their representative on the Council of Worlds, Windblade was present as a Camien representative. When the Iron Ring attacked, Windblade tried to help an immobile Cybertronian only to discover it to be a Trojan horse utilizing M.A.S.K. technology and concealing a horde of Red Shadows. After informing security, she joined Optimus in fighting off the invaders before the sheer numbers forced them back to the Spire. The Council debated what course of action to take before Scarlett's team was brought and offerred a vague explanation of what Colton was planning prompting Starscream to throw her in jail under suspicion charges. Windblade provided tactical as the Cybertronian Security Forces followed the Iron Ring and was horrified to see them defeated. Soon afterwards, Optimus unilaterally freed Scarlett's team and though Windblade allowed him to pass, she reported it to Starscream. When the Talisman was activated, it caused Cybertron to "scream" and send out a communication signal that translated to "Welcome. Death." First Strike

Shortly after the invasion, Windblade was outraged to learn Starscream was still keeping Liege Maximo's freedom under wraps. This prompted her to run in the upcoming elections, ultimately emerging as the victor after Starscream publicly confessed to his many crimes. The Chosen One TFWikiFavicon.png Once New Prysmos had begun to fill up with Prysmosian refugees, Windblade sent Kup and Ironhide to negotiate with the aliens while sending Wheeljack and Breakdown to study the Talisman. Transformers vs. Visionaries

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