Wraith Hawk

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"Sly Cooper. You have escaped my gas chamber and destroyed my Death Ray. Remarkable. You Coopers always find a way to beat me."

Prowling the night sky, Wraith Hawks are an elite caste of Wraiths capable of using their magic to attain flight. Though a bit on the heavy side, they're quite faster than their appearance suggests being able to cover distances in rather short timespans and able to outpace Space Knights over short distances.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

While on Xetaxxis in the mid-19th century, Vekktral's forces assimilated several of the natives turning them into Wraith Hawks which Vekktral sent against Ultra Magnus Shining Armor #3 TFWikiFavicon.png in an attempt to wear down the Autobot. Compared to the Wraith Soldiers however, they fared poorly against him with Magnus simply grabbing them out of the air and crushing them. Shining Armor #4 TFWikiFavicon.png

When Rom first arrived on Earth, three Wraiths were sent to confirm it was indeed the dreaded "Wraithslayer". The first two Wraiths soon fell to his Neutralizer prompting the third to suck lifeforce from Camilla Byers and Omar Ruiz to assume the form of a Wraith Hawk. The newborn Hawk, tackled the Space Knight and mocked him that the world belonged to Wraith-kind. Rom simply blasted him with his Neutralizer. Earthfall: Prelude

After making Darby Mason's acquaintance she and Rom were attacked by a Wraith Hawk as they attempted to flee the infected town of Cooper's Mill. Its loud approach however gave Rom plenty of time to take aim and destroy it while making a rather awful joke about birdsongs. Earthfall: Part Two

Some time after the Wraith Sorcerer D'rge fled from Rom, he was found on a beach in the form of a shrimp by a bird. Infecting the animal, D'rge transformed into a Wraith Hawk to fly to a nearby lighthouse. Earthfall: Part Three

After Knights, Livia and Orphion arrived on Earth and insisted that Rom slay the infected Camilla, he instead immobilized her motors functions and defended her from his fellows. This gave the Wraith within Camilla an opportunity to possess another and return in the form of a Wraith Hawk to try and slay the three Space Knights. Quickly finding itself outmatched, it opted to fly off and warn the others of three Knights on Earth using magic to create shields. Before it could escape, Rom fired a sustained beam from his Neutralizer that overwhelmed its shields a millisecond before Livia's light-missiles hit home, killing it. Reinforcements, Part 2