Wraith Stalker

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"Release the hounds."

Corruption, horror, and foulness are synonymous with Dire Wraiths yet no caste embodies this more than Wraith Stalkers. These beings are not true Wraiths but human beings infected with Wraith magic and DNA that has warped their minds and physical forms into feral hunting dogs for the Wraiths.


After Camilla Byers had been infected by Wraith DNA, Earthfall: Prelude her superior Cusiter, a Wraith himself, sent the Stalkers on her. Her own Wraithmark allowed her to hear his true Wraith thoughts and she fled. Earthfall: Part One Without a car however, she did not get away in time and the Stalkers cornered her. The Wraithmark allowed Camilla to see the Stalkers were both human and not human at the same time while feeling feral rage, pain, and hunger eminating from the Stalkers. As she was about to be consumed by them however, Rom arrived to save her and slew the Stalkers, granting them a final mercy. Earthfall: Part Two

When suffering a panic attack about how everyone on Earth might be a Dire Wraith, Darby Mason visualized an old woman and her dog as a Wraith walking a Wraith Stalker. Interlude

A Wraith Stalker guarded D'rge and another Wraith Sorcerer alongside Wraith Soldiers before the Micronauts arrived whereupon they slew the Stalker. Micronauts: First Strike