Cobra Command, Part 6

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Cobra Command, Part 6
G.I. Joe: Cobra vol. 2 #10
Cobra2-10 cvrA.jpg
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published February 22, 2012
Cover date February 2012
Written by Mike Costa
Breakdowns by Alex Cal
Finishes by Beni Lobel
Colors by J. Brown
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor John Barber
Assistant editor Carlos Guzman

Conspiracy abounds as Serpentor, Major Bludd and Tomax Paoli try to circumvent Cobra Commander; but the Baroness has her own plans for the Cobra Council...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

At the head of a crowd of Nanzhaoese peasants, Serpentor pontificates about how the snakes have come and taken everything; they cannot be outrun and they cannot be fought, so the only option is to join them. As he implores the Nanzhaoese to be embraced within the Coil, Major Bludd watches from the back of the crowd, and in the aftermath, confronts the "holy man" over the "disastrous" ongoing Nanzhao campaign, which he believes is overplaying Cobra's hand and causing unwanted chaos. Serpentor is dismissive of his complaints, but Bludd points out the undeniable fact that in the new, militaristic Cobra, there will be no place for Serpentor and his manipulations, especially now that he has lost Breaker as a pawn within G.I. Joe; inevitably, Cobra Commander will burn through the Coil's followers and leave Serpentor with nothing.

The Coil's leader takes Bludd's words to heart, and leads him to a Cobra limousine, where he shows the Major information that opens up a world of possibilities to the two. Bludd wants to use it, but he doesn't think the two can do it alone, and so they bring a third player into their conspiracy: Tomax Paoli. Paoli isn't interested at first, thinking that the plan for the coup is going to be idiotic, but Bludd argues that he knows the new Commander will inevitably be bad for his business ventures, too. Tomax's connection on the Cobra Council will allow them to make a move against the Commander, but he still dismisses their conspiracy as unworkable... until Bludd shows him the information that they've found. Tomax is intrigued, but has no interest in installing Major Bludd as his superior; but Bludd doesn't want the job any more, having lost all interest in dealing with the madmen of Cobra High Command. Instead, they want Tomax to be the new Cobra Commander!

Tomax makes a private call to his Cobra Council contact at his mansion in the Pyrenees, outlining the information he's found and his request to the Council. His contact promises to speak to the other Council members and have them decide, but as he hangs up, a women emerges from the room where the man's hot tub is; though he assumes her to be Mariella, one of the women he had been spending time with in there, she quickly reveals herself to be the Baroness, executing the council member's guards and shooting the man himself in the gut. The Baroness drags the councilman past the hot tub, where she has murdered all of the women in there, and into his Cobra Council meeting chamber. She points out that he has been gut-shot, and that it will be a long and painful death... but if he doesn't give up the locations of all the other Council members, it will be even more painful. Some time later, the information extracted from the man, the Baroness detonates the explosives placed throughout his mansion, burning it to the ground...

In G.I. Joe's Washington, D.C. facility, Chameleon moans about having to carry her own things for the move to a new facility, but the wheelchair-bound Firewall doesn't have any time for her bad attitude, needing her in the situation room. Firewall begins to run down the Nanzhao situation, but Chameleon is immediately distracted, spotting a report of the events in the Pyrenees and recognising Cobra's M.O. in the situation. She asks if there's anyone who can investigate, but almost every active Joe is on the ground in Nanzhao; Firewall doesn't know who'd be crazy enough to follow a hunch... but she doesn't know Mainframe, who followed a hunch five years before that led to Cobra being uncovered in the first place. On recieving the report on the Pyrenees situation, Mainframe feels like he has to check it out, but Scarlett can't imagine Hawk being willing to spare anyone from the active duty list to investigate a speculative hunch, even if it might lead them to the people behind Cobra... but her mention of "Chameleon" has given Mainframe an idea: what if he sent someone not on the active list?

In Zaporozhye, Ukraine, a group of slavers herd a pair of crying young girls into the back of a van; but before they can leave, two of them are eliminated by an unseen assassin, and the third man is threatened at swordpoint... but the attacker is interrupted at the last minute by a phone call from Mainframe. Not dropping her sword, she answers the Joe techie, who's calling her back into the field... but the original Chameleon doesn't go by that name any more...

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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G.I. Joe Cobra Others

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Slaughtering U.N. troops? And Storm Shadow and his ridiculous band of ninjas butchered an entire battalion of Norwegians!"
"Oh dear. Norway is mad at us. What will they do? Write a bleak modernist play about us?"

Major Bludd and Serpentor

"We have a new Commander now, and he is bringing Cobra out from the shadows. Did you think you just elected some other weak administrator? This Commander is a liberator. There will be no more hiding. Even you and your entire council will be brought out into the light. Where I can kill you all."

—The Baroness

Notes[edit | edit source]

Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • Firewall is in a wheelchair, and Chameleon has spent time in a hospital bed, following injuries sustained in Cobra vol. 2 #7.
  • The original Chameleon left G.I. Joe back in Cobra II #4, where her appeal to Hawk's apparently non-existent sense of guilt had her be the sole member of IDW's G.I. Joe to actually be allowed to leave.
  • The Baroness sure changed her tune on Krake, huh?

Real world references[edit | edit source]

  • Bludd notes that the fire-and-brimstone rhetoric given to the Nanzhaoese is more intense than what Serpentor usually dishes out on Larry King Live.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • If Tomax's Council contact just got out of a hot tub, why is he wearing a suit?

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