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Hey, aren't you Buzz Lightyear? I love your movie...

From captain of his own ship, to deep sea diver with a specialized mechanical suit that knows death could come from anywhere under the sea, to expert S.H.A.R.C. pilot, to marine biologist, the man who goes by Deep Six is a Joe of many talents!

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Deep Six was part of a team of divers along with Shipwreck and Torpedo investigating the underwater wreckage of the Badeaux Strait. As they carried out their investigation, Deep Six proposed pirates as a possible explanation for what had ship's sinking, causing Scarlett to tell him to keep his inner child under control. G.I. Joe vol.1 #1

Using an advanced diving suit, Deep Six dove to the floor of an ocean to find a group of Cobra Eels breaking into a submarine. Deep Six eliminated them with torpedo fire, but when enemy torpedos were fired in return he only narrowly escaped them by fleeing out of range. Deep Six

Hanging out by The Pit's underwater lake, Deep Six joined Torpedo in watching Shipwreck test out the Joe's new prototype submarine Remora. As the test began to go wrong, Deep Six tried to walk Shipwreck through trying to right the Remora before it crashed but was unsuccessful. He then tried to offer support to Torpedo as he tried to rescue Shipwreck but this proved to be unnecessary as Covergirl was able to handle it by herself. The Betrayers Part 1

As captain of the USS Terrapin, Deep Six checked with his crew to see if weather conditions would be okay for Shipwreck to take the modified Remora out for a spin. While the weather was fine, Deep Six the received a call from the Terrapin's radar operators that they'd picked up some kind of massive submersible underneath them. Since Shipwreck was already looking to take the Remora out, Deep Six had him and his crew go take a look for them. After the Remora crew discovered the Dreadnaught attempting to drop a nuke into a nearby fault line to cause a tsunami, Deep Six received word that he should move the Terrapin into open sea and send a helicopter to get Scarlett's team off of Manuatu. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #20 Narrowly surviving Cobra's artificially created tsunami, Deep Six was thankful to hear word back from Scarlett that her team had made it as well. While he was less happy to hear that the helicopter he'd sent after them hadn't made it, he did hear back from the Remora after a worryingly long period of radio silence and began heading towards their location. Arriving to find Shipwreck's team had successfully commandeered the Dreadnaught, Deep Six greeted them and then sent another chopper to pick up Scarlett's team. G.I. Joe vol. 1 22

When Storm Shadow set off a bomb inside G.I. Joe's new headquarters at the USS Flagg, Deep Six's arm was pinned under some wreckage shaken loose from the explosion as the water that was filling the ship threatened to drown him. Though Cutter and Torpedo tried to free him by cutting through the wreckage with a welding torch, he was only able to get out after Snake Eyes cut his arm off. He then escaped the ship with Torpedo's help Target: Snake Eyes Part 6

Having apparently gotten some kind of prosthetic arm, Deep Six piloted the new submarine Bildocker had acquired for the team with Torpedo as Scarlett and Mainframe went to investigate the wreckage of the Neptune Bonanza and see if Cobra had gotten around to salvaging it yet. Crush Depth, Part 2 When they took longer than they were supposed to to return, Deep Six attempted to assuage Torpedo's worries that something had gone wrong. Then almost as if on cue, Scarlett and Mainframe finally returned. As they sat in the sub's decompression chamber, Deep Six regretfully informed Scarlett that she and Mains had 8 hours in decompression before they could come back out. Crush Depth, Part 3 As the sub neared the Argo Vidale, where the rest of Scarlett's team had stumbled into a firefight between the ship's crew, the Baroness, and The Coil, Scarlett demanded the Deep Six and Torpedo let her out of decompression early, this time convincing them to relent. Crush Depth, Part 4

Heading underwater in a high-tech diving suit to stop a team of Cobra Eels from raiding a sunken submarine, Deep Six's head was filled with existential thoughts of all the things that could go wrong with his suit and lead him to an early, watery grave. Upon finding the Eels, he managed to take most of them out with a barrage of torpedoes but not before some of them fired off torpedoes of their own in retaliation. Though his suit's countermeasures took care of one of them, the other still chased him and it was only after it expended all of its fuel that he was able to escape. Deep Six

After G.I. Joe was shut down, Deep Six joined the Earth Defense Command when Joe Colton took control of the organization. He led a squadron of EDC fighters that were able to double as submersibles when the EDC attacked a group of largely defenseless Cybertronians who were licking their wounds after the battle for the Nemesis in the Indian Ocean. White Heat TFWikiFavicon.png

When G.I. Joe was reformed as an international organization, Deep Six stayed on. He worked together with Shipwreck, Stretcher, and Skywarp on an underwater mission to investigate and study a Fatal Fluffy that had emerged from beneath the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Though Skywarp managed to fight the monster off before the others could gather all the data they needed, Deep Six was happy to see that the former Decepticon broke off one of the Fluffy's horns, giving them a sample to study. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png

As G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. worked together to stop V.E.N.O.M. from gathering the pieces of Astrotrain's corpse, Deep Six paired up with M.A.S.K. agent Gloria Baker and headed to the Arctic Ocean to grab Astrotrain's crotch. Though the S.H.A.R.C. he was piloting was quickly destroyed by Iron Grenadier-piloted Sting Raiders, his special diving suit allowed him to eject and survive underwater. After freeing the robo-groin from the ice shelf it was stuck inside of, Deep Six pretended that Sly Rax managed to stop him but only so the V.E.N.O.M. agent would be distracted long enough for Julio Lopez to grab the piece of Astrotrain and head for the surface with it. The Deathstone

Notes[edit | edit source]

Oddly enough Deep Six currently comes in seven different flavors.
  • Deep Six has been drawn notably different in almost every appearance he's had. Not even his diving suit has remained consistent from appearance to appearance, debuting as a sleeker design in his Hearts & Minds appearance before reverting back to the classic, chunkier design when he returned post-Revolution.
    • On a similar note, on his appearance in Hearts & Minds he was given a radically altered new personality that saw him as paranoid and constantly terrified of dying underwater... which was completely ignored in every other appearance he made. Oh well.
  • Though he's gone unnamed thus far in IDW, traditionally Deep Six's real name has been Malcolm R. Willoughby.

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