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Heskedor the deity worshiped by the Prysmosian people.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

According to a Prysmosian lore known as "The Mysteries", Heskedor was once the living universe, the primal consciousness from which everything derived. Eventually Heskedor decided to make "others". From one of her hairs, she forged the first star before making countless more. She repeated this process constantly, forging new creations using her body as the construction material. Eventually only her heart remained which she forged into a ball that she placed at the center of time and space. With everything having become this "other", Heskedor united herself with the universe becoming the Arcana Vast while her heart became Prysmos.

Those who worshipped Heskedor regarded magic as the lifeblood of god, a gift that had been bestowed to the Prysmosians. As with most things in the old age, Heskedor's story was forgotten in the Age of Science before it returned to prominence following the Trinary Re-Alignment.

In 2018, following the exile and failed return of the Spectral Knights from New Prysmos, Merklynn recounted the tale of Heskedor to Arzon in an attempt to sway to Knight to his side. Good Men TFWikiFavicon.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though the Prysmosian religious myth is an idea exclusive to Transformers vs. Visionaries, Heskedor is not. In the episode "Lion Hunt" of the original Visionaries cartoon, she debuted as a witch.

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