Hezlee Ferro

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"...And that's cuttin' me own throat!"

Hezlee Ferro is a merchant and criminal from Micropolis-12, who hires Oziron Rael and his crew as smugglers, and employs Larissa as a security agent. He's probably up to no good.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Oz Rael worked for Hezlee Ferro for a few years until saving up enough credits to buy the Heliopolis, and Ferro continued to hire him due to his willingness to risk the use of warpcore travel. Pharoid profile in Revolution #4 TFWikiFavicon.png

While the Heliopolis crew were delivering a load of cargo to Ferro, Oz got into a fight with Ferro's guards, for which the merchant docked their payment; however, he offered the crew another job opportunity: stealing medical supplies from the Ministry of Science's Valtricos research station. As insurance, he asked Larissa to go with them on their mission. Micronauts #1

As the Micronauts would find out, however, Valtricos did not contain medicine, but rather was a research station for biological warfare. Micronauts #1 Oz believed that Ferro had known the truth and wanted his crew to steal the weapons, though Larissa insisted that she didn't know any more than Oz did. Micronauts #2