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The Jackhammer is a special vehicle developed by Project Spectrum. While on the surface a seemingly ordinary Ford Bronco, the Jackhammer can transform into an assault platform or a mobile base.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

William Evans piloted a Jackhammer in the first test of Project Spectrum's vehicular weapons, racing a Gator piloted by Marcia Watkins. Pushed too hard, the vehicle exploded, killing Evans.

Later, Julio Lopez drove a Jackhammer to G.I. Joe headquarters. M.A.S.K.: Revolution

When M.A.S.K. became compromised and hunted by the authorities, Lopez drove the Jackhammer in the team's escape from Project Spectrum HQ. While the team were hiding out in The Dutchman's Doorway, they used the Jackhammer's mobile base mode to recuperate. M.A.S.K. #1 When M.A.S.K. was attacked by V.E.N.O.M., Julio ran used it to run interference on Vanessa Warfield and Sly Rax. M.A.S.K. #2

M.A.S.K. #3 M.A.S.K. #4 M.A.S.K. #5 Wrath of Karza #1

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