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Kelly Thompson is an American writer of comic books and novels. After making a name for herself with her feminist-oriented comics criticism column She Has No Head! on, Thompson ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of her debut novel The Girl Who Would Be King in 2012. After publishing a follow-up novel, Storykiller, in 2014, Thompson began working in comics writing as well, starting with a revival of Hasbro's Jem and the Holograms franchise for IDW Publishing in early 2015. Thompson's original Jem book would run for 26 issues and 4 specials, plus the spin-off miniseries Jem: The Misfits. Following the conclusion of that series, she wrote the Jem: Infinite crossover event.

In addition to her work on Jem, Thompson's other comics writing includes her original graphic novel Heart in a Box with Meredith McClaren, various books for Marvel, and other licensed books for properties such as Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Power Rangers.

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