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This page serves as an archive of all of the IDW Hasbro Wiki's past featured articles.

March 2019[edit | edit source]

AM 4 Doctor X.jpg

Once, Mercy Gale was one of the most loyal agents of the Action Man Programme, running intelligence for the elite division of the Secret Intelligence Service and helping to organise missions for the incumbent Action Man. But the constant tug-of-war between terrorist organisations and the forces that fight them weighed heavily on Mercy, and when she saw her chance, she took on the mantle of the supervillain Doctor X to secretly manipulate Europe into a brighter future.

While Doctor X lacks the raw scientific genius of her predecessor, she makes up for it with her skillful manipulation of her terrorist empire and ability to play the "heroes" against one another for her own benefit. For a time, X was able to control both the Action Man Programme and her villainous servants to accomplish her goals, but even after the new Action Man Ian Noble revealed her deception to the world, the bad doctor has little trouble getting what she wants... for the good of the world, of course.


January 2019[edit | edit source]

Clue2 cover professor plum.jpg

Professor Plum gives the impression of being an old man in a younger man's body. A genius polymath with an endless supply of trivia for any situation, Plum almost seems like he's going senile—constantly distracted and unable to read a room. But at least some of his scatterbrained nature may be an act—he has a past with Dr. Orchid that his fellow scientist would rather keep hidden, and when pushed, he's been known to display a shrewder, darker side...


October 2018[edit | edit source]

Snake Eyes mainpic SEAoC1.jpg

Even before he lost his voice in the explosion that ruined his face, Snake Eyes was never the talkative type. Raised by the Arashikage ninja clan, and trained by its masters, the stubborn but talented Snake Eyes proved to be a prodigy in the ninja arts; something that eventually led him to the U.S. Army Rangers, and then on to become one of the founding members of G.I. Joe.

One of the greatest martial artists alive, Snake Eyes is a fearsome opponent and distrusted even by his allies; something that stems from his silent, solitary nature and his rogue streak that leads him on independent, unauthorized missions. In truth, the only two individuals he can be said to be close to are his former lover Scarlett, and his partner in battle Agent Helix... and that's how Snake Eyes prefers it.


August 2018[edit | edit source]

HHS Axiom profile art.jpg

Axiom is the ultimate weapon of the Dire Wraiths. Based on a suit of powered armor created by DeepWave Technologies, the company's Australian co-founder Aaron Grundy has been bonded with the suit in a perverse combination of Wraith magic, human ingeniuity, micromeld technology, and the mineral Ore-13. Powerful, capricious, sadistic and completely loyal to his Wraith masters, Axiom is able to evade detection from the Space Knights' Analyzers while exploiting Rom's desire to save humans who have been infected by the Wraiths.


July 2018[edit | edit source]

Zartan origins16 cover.jpg

When Emil Zartan, Cobra's living weapon, was killed by a teleporter accident, his story did not end. On the orders of Cobra Commander, the organization's scientists were able to create a clone of the assassin: a new Zartan, capable of changing his face and skin-tone to match any man on the planet.

Able to infiltrate any facility with ease and steal or kill completely undetected, Zartan — who sees himself as his predecessor, reborn and perfected — is one of Cobra's greatest assets. His unique abilities and belief in his own perfection, however, have given him an egotistical streak and a petulant, narcissistic sense of entitlement. Because of this, his behavior tries his commanders' patience to the point that he may have outlived his usefulness...


June 2018[edit | edit source]


Stormer is the stage name of Mary Phillips, the keytarist and songwriter for The Misfits. While her caring and compassionate nature stands in sharp contrast to her bandmates, Stormer has nevertheless come to serve as the heart and soul of The Misfits and her songwriting skills have defined their sound. Though she often disagrees with their cutthroat approach to gaining success, Stormer still cares very deeply for her fellow Misfits and has a somewhat love-hate relationship with the band's frontwoman Pizzazz.

Recently, Stormer has become romantically involved with Kimber Benton, keytarist for The Misfits' chief rival Jem and the Holograms. She is also the sister of Craig Phillips.


May 2018[edit | edit source]

HHSourcebook Larissa profile.jpg

The woman called Larissa is an enigma. A skilled scientist, medic and warrior who wields Orbital Defender force-field technology powered by her own biology, she prefers to remain secretive about herself, keeping her past hidden from her allies and enemies alike.

Joining Oziron Rael's crew of Micronauts through a quirk of fate, she may not fully trust her new allies, but is dedicated to their mission of saving Microspace from the twin threats of the entropy cloud and Baron Karza. However, she might know more about the latter than she lets on...


April 2018[edit | edit source]

March 2018[edit | edit source]

Cobra Special my name is Tomax Paoli.jpg

In his heart, Tomax Paoli believes a single truth: slavery is freedom. As his connection to his brother and their victory over an undercover G.I. Joe prove, man can only be content when he must answer to another.

Raised by the Unione Corse to be peerless businessmen, Tomax and his brother learned on the battlefields of Chad and Libya in their youths that the true measure of success in war is profit, not destruction; and they have since applied these lessons to profit ruthlessly in the boardroom, selling security through their Crimson Guard and growing their empire with Extensive Enterprises.

Ultimately, Tomax sees the truth of what Cobra is: control, and he believes in it wholeheartedly. With his fervent belief, he has the potential to rise to the highest echelons of the organization.


Cobra Special my name is Xamot Paoli.jpg
In his heart, Xamot Paoli wants one thing: freedom from slavery. Ever since he was left humiliated by an undercover G.I. Joe, he has felt no connection to his brother, and no longer wishes to answer to anyone but himself.

Raised by the Unione Corse to be a peerless soldier, Xamot finds no joy in playing politics in the boardroom, and his heart years for the battlefields of Chad and Libya that he fought on in his youth, where success could be measured in destruction, not just profit. He is miserable growing the empire of Extensive Enterprises, and would rather be fighting alongside the Crimson Guard than selling their services.

Now, Xamot sees Cobra for what it is: slavery, and he wants no part of it. Trapped in the system, when he finally cuts loose, he has the potential to cause huge trouble for the organisation...


February 2018[edit | edit source]


Livia is one of the Solstar Order's earliest and most formidable Space Knights. Once a young university student with her lover Rom, she was quick to join the Order after the evil Dire Wraiths attacked her home world of Elonia. Her dedication to the Order's mission to annihilate the Wraith scourge from the universe has earned her a reputation amongst the Knights, as well as the partnership with their leader, Orphion.

At heart however, Livia is a natural daredevil and risk taker. War without end has not only fermented these impulses but gave rise to a near-insatiable bloodlust and increasingly narrow sense of good and evil along with a strong belief in the innate moral superiority of the Solstar Order. Dedicated to victory at any cost, Livia always adheres to protocol and is always willing to make any number of sacrifices (usually other people's) in the name of the greater good. In the end however, these traits may very well result in Livia finding herself consumed by not only the war but her own bloodlust...


January 2018[edit | edit source]


Matthew "Matt" Trakker, codenamed Spectrum, is the leader of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. Matt is an engineering genius, but he's had a rebellious and troubled history ever since the death of his father, Cornelius Trakker. As the inexperienced leader of M.A.S.K., he's had to face the betrayal of his mentor, Miles Mayhem, and the loss of several teammates under his which, two events which have haunted Matt and led to insecurity about his own abilities. Luckily, he has friends, like his M.A.S.K. teammates and G.I. Joe leader Scarlett, to catch him when he falls. In the field, Trakker drives the Thunderhawk vehicle and wears the powerful Spectrum Mask.


December 2017[edit | edit source]

Revolution2 Colton profile.jpeg

General Joseph B. "Joe" Colton is known better by his codename: G.I. Joe. A highly decorated officer in the United States Army with a strong grip, Colton has had his fair share of fantastic adventures during his time as leader of the Adventure Team. Colton became so famous that the Adventure Team's replacement, the Joint Services Special Counterterrorist Group, was given another name: G.I. Joe, after Colton's old nickname. Since their existence was revealed to the public by Cobra, Colton has led G.I. Joe in their continuing fight for freedom.

However, after an encounter with the Dire Wraiths, Colton realized that G.I. Joe was not enough. Needing to remain in hiding, he adopted the persona of Baron Ironblood, a sinister, masked villain. Creating the "Iron Ring", Colton has allied himself with some of the most world's most dangerous villains in pursuit of the artifact codenamed the Talisman to achieve his ultimate goal: saving the Earth by destroying all Transformers.


November 2017[edit | edit source]


Jerrica Benton is the manager, co-songwriter, and former lead singer of Jem and the Holograms. Unbeknownst to those outside of the band, she's also the current lead singer as well! While Jerrica has a passion for music, she's rather shy by nature and has a severe case of stage fright, making her a rather awkward fit for the frontwoman of a hot, up and coming band like the Holograms. One day, however, Jerrica stumbled upon Synergy, a "holographic computer" created by her late father that has the power to create a wide array of dazzling, lifelike, hard-light holograms! With the power of Synergy, Jerrica was suddenly able to create a persona that would allow her to perform in front of an audience without fear, a persona that would come to be known as Jem!

Level-headed and mature, Jerrica is well suited to her responsibilities as both the band's manager and lead singer. However, the burden of always having to be "the grown-up" for her sisters and the considerable workload that comes with managing a band like the Holograms can weigh heavy on her and occasionally cause her to lose her patience. Thankfully, her responsible nature ensures that she's able to avoid any temptations to avoid the stresses of her life by living as her alter-ego... right?


October 2017[edit | edit source]


Some would call Baron Hraal Karza power-hungry—a tyrannical ruler exploiting the crisis Microspace faces for personal gain. But nothing could be further from the truth. Everything that Karza does, he does for his people. He knows that he represents Microspace's best chance for survival, and will not allow anybody to stand in the way of his plans, no matter the cost. If some individuals must be sacrificed to save the universe, so be it.

Recently, Karza has had a lot of time to himself to think, and his ideas have moved in a more radical direction. Microspace must still be saved, but couldn't things be made even better with a strong leader at its head? Someone to guide—to shepherd—the people down the right path. Someone... just like Baron Karza?


September 2017[edit | edit source]

Cobra 1 cover Chuckles.jpg

Once, he was called Phillip M. Provost; but in recent years, you're more likely to have met him as Jason Wright, or Derrick Attell, or Marcus Quinn, or one of a hundred other names. His true identity, though, is Chuckles: undercover G.I. Joe agent, reporting to Hawk on the criminal organisations of the world; a task that he's naturally suited to with his gregarious charm and ruthless willing to do whatever's needed to complete his mission.

As an undercover agent, Chuckles is not officially on file as a member of G.I. Joe; instead, he contacts the Joes through his handler Jinx, with whom he's begun a romantic relationship with.

Recently, he's discovered the existence of a global terrorist conspiracy called Cobra, and is infiltrating it as a prospective agent. What could go wrong?


August 2017[edit | edit source]

ROM Annual Dire Wraiths.jpg

The ancient enemies of the Solstar Order, the Dire Wraiths are a race of parasitic alien shapeshifters bent on conquest. Capable of taking over the bodies of other life-forms and transforming them into more of their kind, the Dire Wraiths wield dark magics powered by the lifeblood of other creatures, and can take any form they wish.

Having been scattered across the galaxy after the destruction of their homeworld, they are pursued in their invasions by the Solstar Order's Space Knights, and above all else they fear the greatest of their number, Rom. But having arrived on Earth, the planet is unique among those the Dire Wraiths have come to, and its qualities may provide them with new weapons in their war with the Space Knights...


July 2017[edit | edit source]

Revolution3 Mayhem profile.jpg

General Miles "Mayhem" Manheim is a military man. A soldier since his youthful days, he later served under Joe Colton as part of the Adventure Team. During this time, Manheim got his nickname from Colton because of his innate talent for causing disruption and chaos among enemy forces. Miles was a brilliant soldier and one of Joe's best friends.

However, Mayhem's heroic actions soon gave way to villainous intentions. Carrying a deep desire for wealth and power, Mayhem is methodical and a master manipulator. He is able to use the people around him like pawns in a game of chess. He is incredibly cold and is willing to sacrifice anyone, deeming human lives an "acceptable loss." His ultimate desire is control over the world, and he's more than happy to sell out his allies and side with whomever he must to gain what he believes he deserves.


June 2017[edit | edit source]

ActionMan1 cover Ian Noble.jpg

Action Man is known as "the greatest hero of them all", but Ian Noble, the current holder of the title, might not quite live up to that description. He's reckless, impulsive and irreverent, and not exactly one for subtlety, so it's hardly surprising that he struggles to live up to the previous Action Man's legacy.

Despite that, he wasn't made the new Action Man for no reason. Ian is a brave, dedicated agent with a strong sense of loyalty and justice, skills that impressed even his predecessor, and a sharper mind than most would give him credit for... even if he does mostly use it for making bad puns. When he sets his mind to a task, you can count on him to carry it out, though he might derail a train into a wildlife park in the process.


May 2017[edit | edit source]


Phyllis Gabor, better known by her stage name Pizzazz, is the frontwoman, occasional guitarist, and all around public face of The Misfits. Unfortunately for the rest of her band, however, her face is one that can often be found screaming in the faces of others. Loud, abrasive, and short tempered, Pizzazz is an extremely driven musician who strives for perfection in her music and doesn't take kindly to anyone or anything she perceives as a threat to The Misfits' success. Though she can be incredibly rude and hurtful towards her bandmates, deep down she does harbor a deep affection for them, seeing them as a second family of sorts to replace her distant father.


April 2017[edit | edit source]

Acroyear profile.jpg

The taciturn Acroyear forgoes his own name, going instead by that of the breed of genetically-engineered super-warriors to which he belongs. One of the last surviving first generation Acroyears, he narrowly escaped destruction with the help of Oziron Rael, and now fights as part of the Pharoid's crew of Micronauts.

Acroyear is a warrior without parallel, able to enerchange turbines for flight and summon a powerful sword from subspace. For him, no opponent is too tough, no obstacle insurmountable, no odds too slim, even in a world of giants. In truth, the only time Acroyear truly feels out of his depth is when the battle is over – the absence of threat leaves him feeling intensely uncomfortable. Luckily for him, that's not a problem he has so much these days.


March 2017[edit | edit source]

Origins17 cobracommander.jpg

"Commander" is the title given to the supreme leader of Cobra. Elected once every seven years in an occult ceremony from a pool of candidates chosen by the Cobra Council, the Commander dons a mask to hide their face from the world and directs all Cobra's operations from the shadows. There have been many commanders in Cobra's centuries-long history, but the mystery man who lead the organization for the last quarter of the twentieth century was one of the most successful.


October 2016[edit | edit source]


One of the Space Knights has followed the trail of the Dire Wraiths all the way to Earth. This one the Dire Wraiths fear more than all others. This one has hounded them and kept them underground for centuries. This one alone could wipe them off the face of creation.

He is Rom, Lord of the Solstar Order! Rom, the Wraithslayer! Rom, the Space Knight!