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Beyond time and space, yet nestled between two atoms exists the realm of Microspace. Created by Micronus Prime himself, it is home to the intrepid Micronauts with all the inhabitants possessing the gift of enerchanging. Accessible by its creator's personal Space bridge, Microspace currently faces the dreaded entropy cloud that threatens to end it.

It is sometimes referred to as Micronus Space or the Universe of Micronus.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Micronus Prime fled Cybertron following the death of Nexus Prime The Crucible TFWikiFavicon.png and colonized a planet with his Titan Prion. Though the civilization flourished, Micronus ultimately abandoned his people leaving them to die at the hands of the Black Block Consortia while he fled via Space bridge, White Light TFWikiFavicon.png where he created Microspace seven million years ago. Revolutionaries #1 timeline TFWikiFavicon.png As a result of their creator, all inhabitants of the universe spoke Ancient Cybertronian. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png The mysterious Talisman also had ties to Microspace such as slots for enerchanging. Enter The Shadow TFWikiFavicon.png

Microspace faced its imminent doom when the Time Travelers attempted to enerchange with time itself creating the entropy cloud which began eating away at Microspace. Micronauts #4 Wrath of Karza #1

The cloud wiped out whole species from existence with both the heroic Micronauts and the dreaded Baron Karza seeking a way to save it. Micronauts

Karza eventually found the body of the inert body of Micronus Prime and the Space bridge at the heart of the of the cloud and proceeded to spend years studying the robotic titan. Micronauts: Revolution Though Micronus's body was inert, his mind still functioned and he reached out to Metrotitan to try and speak to Optimus Prime to send some of Earth's Ore-13 to Microspace to halt the progress of the cloud. Windblade was sent instead who promised to pass along the Micronus's request to Optimus. To her horror, Optimus refused owing to his distrust of Micronus following seeing the Mini-Con colony, the threats on Earth and uncertainty if the Ore-13 was safe enough to move given its volatile state or if there was even enough on Earth to help Microspace. Informed TFWikiFavicon.png

Unbeknownst to Optimus, the cause for Ore-13's volatile state was because Karza had hit on the same conclusion as Micronus and had begun haphazardly teleporting samples of the Ore into Microspace. The Divine Source of Liberty TFWikiFavicon.png Upon discovering that his armor resonated with the Ore-13, Rom tried to send all the Ore-13 samples into Microspace to put them beyond the reach of the Dire Wraiths. The Micronauts had discovered Micronus's body by this point and when the massive crystals began flying through the now open Space bridge, they left their universe at the urging of a Time Traveler. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png

After being betrayed by the Dire Wraiths, Miles Mayhem called Baron Karza from Microspace who promptly absorbed all the Wraiths into himself. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png Using their magic, he began shunting the energy of Ore-13 into Microspace before the heroes of Earth forced him back through the Space bridge and into Microspace. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png

The Sentient Time Chamber told of many artifacts other than the Space bridge that allowed passage to and from Microspace, the Talisman among them. Micronauts #9

Stuck in his own realm for a year, Karza was forced to watch it degrade further before Shazraella convinced to make another pilgrimage to Earth and conquer it as a new home for the inhabitants of Microspace. Enerchanging with Micronus Prime, Karza left his realm again and led the Microspace invasion of Earth. Wrath of Karza #1 Seeking allies, the Micronauts sought out the Autobots to aid them in them in stoping the invasion. While the metallic aliens initially helped turn the tide, Shazraella acquired Time Traveler energy, Wrath of Karza #4 which she soon lost control of and threatened to destroy both Earth and Microspace via the Entropy Cloud. This forced Optimus Prime and Baron Karza to ally with one another in an attempt to stop her. She proved too powerful for the two and their allies however before she was stopped by the Time Travelers. In the wake of the invasion's end, the Time Travelers established Space Bridges between Earth and Microspace for refugees before pledging to Optimus Prime that they would fix the damage to Microspace to allow its people to return home one day. Wrath of Karza #5

Months later however, the Entropy Cloud was still active and projected to destroy Microspace in slightly over an Earth year. To that end, Baron Karza sought out the Dire Wraiths and offered them the Entropy Cloud to accelerate time around the Presence so as leave Microspace worth the effort to conquer. ROM: First Strike Microspace Knight

After the Absence and D'rge had altered Karza's enerchanging abilities, the Baron stole the size and power of Rom the Space Knight, sending him to Microspace. Small World The Micronauts soon followed Rom, Microspace Knight with the group eventually managing to destroy the conduit the villains were using to funnel the Entropy Cloud out of Microspace. Entropy

Alternate timeline[edit | edit source]

In a alternate timeline, the Entropy Cloud consumed everything save the Udunax system. When the Cloud encroached upon the system, the final Time Traveler enerchanged with his vessel and used his powers to save a handful of the native Kronus from total event collapse as Microspace perished. The Sentient Time Chamber informed the Microanuts of this future saying that since it had not yet happened for them, the heroes could find a way to ensure a different path was taken. Micronauts #9

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Microspace acts as an IDW counterpart to the Marvel Micronauts' home dimension, the Microverse. (A few, probably erroneous, mentions of Microspace in Revolution refer to it as "the Microverse" too.) Cullen Bunn's notes, included in the back of Micronauts #1, indicate that a preliminary name for it was "the Innerverse", while the Revolution SDCC boxset gives the Micronauts' home universe the name of "Microsia".

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